Deep Water is on ITV tonight at 9pm – here’s what’s in store ahead of next week’s final

Deep Water is on ITV tonight at 9pm – here’s what’s in store ahead of next week’s final

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DEEP Water returns with the fifth episode of its first series tonight on ITV, which means we only have a week left until the final.

So, what can we expect tonight and what time will the final episode air? We have all you need to know…

Deep Water is the new crime drama on ITV

What happens in episode five?

Horrified from the attack, Roz makes her way home and sees an outrageous Joanne waiting for her.

And with nobody to confide in, Roz makes the conscious decision to tell Scott about Wayne, who then promises to retrieve the footage.

Elsewhere, Lisa goes on to find Joe in a local bar and carefully watches as he drinks and makes flirtatious remarks with the barmaid.

When she wakes up the next morning and comes to the realisation that he has not come home, she immediately fears the worst.

Now that her daughter had returned, Kate begins to struggle in keeping her web of lies intact, and things start to have a negative outcome for her.

The show’s intriguing plot has drawn in millions of viewers

What happened in episode four?

On the school trip, Lisa struggled to get close enough to Kate to bring up the question on what’s been going on and watches in shock as Kate carries on to play the role of a tragic mother to a missing daughter.

The tension between the two begins to rub off on the children, while a playful accident saw Fergus shockingly rushed into hospital.

Lisa then followed Kate and Fergus to the hospital and became determined to uncover the truth once and for all.

In the end, Roz was forced to confess to Abby that Winston had moved out.

When is Deep Water on ITV?

Deep Water will continue tonight (September 11, 2019) at 9pm on ITV.

The series will run for six episodes – this will be episode five.

Once it has aired you will be able to watch the entire series on the ITV Hub.

You can watch episode one NOW on the ITV Hub.

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