Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker told she has four months left after doctors confirm her cancer has spread

Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker told she has four months left after doctors confirm her cancer has spread

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PREPARE yourself for some heart-breaking scenes in Coronation Street tonight as Sinead Tinker is told that her cancer has spread.

The newly-wed was left stunned on Monday night when her aunt, Beth, found a lump on her neck.

Coronation Street
Coronation Street’s Sinead and Daniel find out she only has months to live

Fearing the worst Sinead – and new husband Daniel – go for a scan to find out what they’re dealing with.

Later, determined to take their minds off the results, Daniel suggests they go away for a mini-moon. Trying to stay positive, Sinead tells him to go ahead and book it.

But later, while Daniel is confiding in Bethany Platt about Sinead’s lump, Sinead gets a call from the hospital asking her to go in that afternoon.

In the second episode of tonight’s double-bill, Sinead and Daniel’s worse fears are confirmed when the consultant breaks the terrible news to them that the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and liver.

Coronation Street
Coronation Street’s Sinead and Daniel are told her cancer has spread by a doctor in an upcoming episode

They’re distraught when they’re told that there’s nothing that can be done now and that Sinead only has three or four months to live.

The couple reel in shock and head home where they share the awful news with their family – Ken, Peter, Adam, Carla and Beth. 

As the enormity of the situation starts to sink in, Sinead begins to blame herself saying that she wouldn’t be dying if she’d had chemo in the first place. But Daniel tells her that if she did, they wouldn’t have their baby son, Bertie.

How will they face telling their friends that Sinead is dying?

Coronation Street
The Coronation Street couple learn of Sinead’s fate days after their wedding

Meanwhile, actress Katie McGlynn who plays Sinead, celebrated filming her final scenes as tragic Sinead by treating herself to some pampering.

The 26-year-old actress made the most of a sad situation as she treated herself to a day of pampering that she’d previously been banned from.

Taking to her Instagram Story last week, Katie documented her final day of filming, sharing a snap of the Corrie studios with a 7.19am time stamp.

She then posted a photo of herself in her dressing room mirror, dressed down in an oversized pink hoodie with her blonde hair tied into a topknot.

She wrote: “Last dressing room selfie” alongside a crying emoji.

Katie was also gifted a huge bouquet of flowers and gifts from her colleagues, which she shared a new snap of with a “Thank You” gif to express her gratitude.

However, as soon as she was finished saying goodbye she dashed to a local “beautique” to get glammed up.

With her eyes covered by heart emojis, Katie looked relaxed as she wrote: “It’s official guys, I’m allowed a tan and nails.”

She added the hashtag: “#LikeANewWoman”.

The actress was unable to enjoy spray tans and manicures during her time on the cobbles as it doesn’t fit in with her downtrodden character, Sinead.





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