Tenant from hell leaves disgusting flat piled with rubbish and poo smeared on walls

Tenant from hell leaves disgusting flat piled with rubbish and poo smeared on walls

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A TERROR tenant trashed a rented home and left rotting rubbish strewn around the property and even poo on the bed and floors.

Landlord Shahin Miah, 43, had been trying for months to gain entry to his rented home in Erdington, in Birmingham, and was disgusted when he finally got into his property.

Shahin Miah was disgusted by the state his tenant had left his home in Birmingham in
BPM Media

He found the three-bed house, which he had rented out to a mum and her four kids at £590 a month, in such a filthy state he had to leave and vomited on the driveway.

Mr Miah found rotten food scattered across the kitchen, wallpaper peeling off the walls, mould, dirt, discarded plastic toys and bin bags crammed with rubbish.

He will now have to pay £2,000 just to clear the property and thousands more to rebuild and redecorate the ruined home.

The family had been living at the house for five years but in the last few months Mr Miah had been unable to gain access to his home.


He told Birmingham Live: “For the last year, she never opened the windows or curtains.

“She never put the bins out on the right day. I got suspicious when I went to the house to visit and she wouldn’t let me in.

“She would say she was busy and she was going out. I would ask for a time to return and she never replied.”

Mr Miah, who lives on the same road, kept demanding access to his home – but was continually rebuffed.

Finally, at the end of August, the tenant told Mr Miah she was leaving and finally vacated the home on Sunday – with no forwarding address.

He said: “She left me with no keys so I had to break in.

“When I saw the condition of the house I was shocked. There was rubbish everywhere, I could not step anywhere.

“There was just one bed left with human poo and dirt on it.

“There was no access to the kitchen and bathroom because there was human poo on the floor.

“I blocked my nose and vomited on the driveway.”

He believes landlords should be given more power to recoup losses when a house is damaged and to evict problematic tenants quicker.

Mr Miah is also concerned for the kids who lived in the house.

He said: “I feel that if she was human, she wouldn’t have done that.”

Rubbish was left piled high in the three-bed house
BPM Media
Mr Miah kept demanding entry to the house but only gained access on Sunday – and was horrified by what he saw
BPM Media
When Mr Miah saw the condition of his house, he was shocked and could barely step into the property
BPM Media
Mr Miah outside the three-bed property that he had rented out to the terror tenant
BPM Media

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