Mum’s anger as son, 14, is put in isolation for wearing £60 black trainers to school

Mum’s anger as son, 14, is put in isolation for wearing £60 black trainers to school

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A FURIOUS mum has blasted her son’s school after he was put in isolation for wearing the “wrong” shoes.

Shaun Lonsdale, 14, was part of a group of pupils at Lyndon School in Solihull who were kept in isolation for half a day because they were wearing footwear the school deemed incorrect.

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Shaun had worn the shoes before with no problems[/caption]

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Toni says she’s worried the uniform issue was affecting her son’s education[/caption]

Shaun’s mum, Toni said the Year Ten pupil had previously worn a pair of £60 Lonsdale size ten, black, leather shoes without any issue.

The school said it told parents back in May of a new shoe policy for the new academic year in September, – but the mum insists she knew nothing of it.


Toni said: “I got him his uniform and he has always worn Lonsdale leather shoes, size ten, in black and they cost around £60.

“When he came home, he told me that he and a lot of students had been taken into the assembly hall and weren’t allowed to attend lessons due to his footwear.

“I tried phoning the school on the Tuesday to no avail.

“They called me on Wednesday to inform me his shoes weren’t acceptable and emails had been sent out but I had not received any reference to his shoes.

“On Thursday, I was told Shaun was given a pair of shoes to wear in school. He’s a size ten and they were a nine and he was in discomfort.

“He was told on Friday that he would go into isolation on Monday if he came in wearing the wrong type of shoes.

“All weekend he was worried about going into isolation.”

The following Monday Shaun was provided with a pair of shoes the school deemed appropriate.


The school confirmed it had loaned footwear to pupils “in some cases”.

Toni was worried that Shaun, who picks his options this year, was being side-tracked from more important issues due to the shoe saga.

She said: “It’s an important year for Shaun, he has his options. I’m distressed that his footwear is hurting his education.”

“At the end of the day, I’ve spent money on these shoes, they’ve always been the same and there’s never been a problem.”

“It may seem trivial to some people but I can only speak for myself and the financial situation I am in at the moment, I can’t afford to go out and spend so much on a pair of new shoes when I already have done.”

A spokesperson for Lyndon School said: “Following record breaking outcomes this summer, Lyndon is continuing to aim for the highest standards in all aspects including how smart we expect students to look.


“We reviewed our shoe policy during the last academic year and we have been advising parents of any changes since May, so that they could make any necessary arrangements in time for September.

“Parents were made aware of the types of shoes we expect pupils to wear, including example pictures and descriptions.

“We fully appreciate that some families are on tight budgets and we have therefore made it clear the shoes do not need to brought from a specific shop or brand.

“If pupils have been unable to start this new school term with the appropriate shoes, we have spoken to them and their parents about the situation and are supporting them to find a solution.

“In some cases, this has involved us loaning brand new shoes to pupils.”

As kids all over the UK head back to school, there have been a number of uniform issues reported.

A dad was furious after his daughter was “humiliated” by teachers who put her in isolation because her trousers were “too short.” 

And this schoolboy’s signature haircut was deemed “extreme,” resulting in the year 8 being excluded from lessons.

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Shaun’s shoes were deemed not the ‘correct uniform’[/caption]

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The black Lonsdale trainers cost £60[/caption]

BPM Media

Lyndon school in Solihull said they appreciate that not everyone is able to by new, appropriate shoes[/caption]

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