Mum ‘drowns baby daughter and son, 5, in the sea after discovering the father wanted polygamous relationship and was already married’

Mum ‘drowns baby daughter and son, 5, in the sea after discovering the father wanted polygamous relationship and was already married’

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A “DESPERATE” mum allegedly drowned her six-week-old daughter and son, five, after discovering her partner wanted multiple spouses.

Ekaterina Khavchina, 27, took her children in to the sea in Russia as she was devastated at learning that her baby’s dad was already married – but was keen to have her become his second wife.

Ekaterina Khavchina with six-week-old Milana
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After she allegedly tried to drown her two children, locals noticed the infant’s pram near the sea in eastern Russia
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Although she also tried to drown herself, she was rescued after locals heard the terrified screams of her son Valentin and daughter, Milana.

Khavchina had tied the youngsters to her, after abandoning the infant’s pram on the sand near the water.

Milana was found drowned in the water, while Valentin died after being taken to hospital.

After she was rescued, Khavchina said: “Everyone has left me; nobody needs me, I don’t need anyone.”

Police said that the mum is in custody, and she faces up to 20 years’ prison if convicted of murdering her two children.

An anonymous pal said that her life fell apart when she learnt that Milana’s father was already married to a woman in his homeland of Uzbekistan.

The friend added that she was in a state of “desperation” after he told her he wanted a polygamous marriage – the act of wedding multiple spouses, that means having more than one husband or wife at the same time.

When the mother-of-two objected, he walked out on her and moved in with another woman.

Khavchina is from the Russian town of Vilyuchinsk, which has a population of 23,400 in the volcanic Kamchatka region, and is a base for nuclear submarines.

Ekaterina Khavchina, 27 is currently being held in custody, police say
East2west News
Her infant’s dad wanted her to become his second wife – a request which devastated her, said a pal
East2west News
Khavchina faces up to 20 years in jail if found guilty of murdering her two children
East2west News
The woman lived in the Russian town of Vilyuchinsk
East2west News
She has been detained and faces a criminal case for murder of two children
East2west News

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