Katie Price is planning a £25k ‘full body lift to give her the figure of a 20 year old’

Katie Price is planning a £25k ‘full body lift to give her the figure of a 20 year old’

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KATIE Price is tipped to shell out a whopping £25,000 on a full body lift just weeks after recent face surgery left her covered in bandages.

The 41 year old has been warned her desire for the new procedure – which is said to be a form of body sculpting – is a “bad idea”.

Katie Price, 41, is said to be considering a full body lift
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Yet the words from specialist medics have not deterred the Pricey, who is said to be saving up for the costly procedure.

A source close to the star told heat Magazine: “It seems like nothing can scare her away from the operating table.

“And now a surgeon has told Katie he can perform a full body lift on her, giving her the figure of a 20-year-old.

“It’s expensive and she can’t have it done for free like most of her surgery, so she’s putting money aside to go under the knife as soon as possible.”

The procedure involves liposuction and is said to cost around £25,000

They added words of caution and put: “At least one doctor has warned Katie this is a bad idea.

“And even if all goes well, a full body lift is going to put her out of action for months.

“With lipo around her arms, tummy and legs, she’ll need to be bed bound which will mean she won’t be able to have any time for the kids.”

Body contouring surgery, or a body lift, is said to be ideal for “patients following considerable weight loss.”

If the mum of five decides to go ahead with it, it would push her total number of procedures to above 20.

The mum of five, who is still recovering from face surgery, has been warned it is a bad idea

Medical site WebMD estimates the cost of a full body lift at $30,000, the equivalent to £25,000, and said it “doesn’t come cheap.”

An expert told the website of the dangers of the intense surgery and added: “Among problems that have been cited are wound infection, reopening of wounds needing surgical drainage, and excess bleeding requiring a second surgery.”

Blood transfusions, meanwhile, are required 15 per cent of the time while it stresses “in rare instances, patients have developed fatal blood clots.”

Katie showed off her recent surgery scars on her reality TV show, My Crazy Life
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Katie, who has had more than 20 cosmetic procedures, flew to Turkey for the last bout

Her most recent stint on the treatment table saw Peter Andre’s ex fly to Turkey for a face and eye lift, as well as a breast reduction and bum lift reversal.

Yet it was following the facial procedure that Katie revealed painful bruises and told how her surgery scars had become infected.

This resulted in a series of pus-filled, painful looking wounds which she showed off on her reality show, My Crazy Life.

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