Inside Lydia Bright’s eclectic family home with ‘Royal room’ and 17 chandeliers as seen on MTV Cribs

Inside Lydia Bright’s eclectic family home with ‘Royal room’ and 17 chandeliers as seen on MTV Cribs

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LYDIA Bright showed viewers round her eccentric family home, complete with a room dedicated to the Royal family, in last night’s episode of MTV Cribs.

The pregnant TOWIE star, 29, who recently split from the father of her child, Lee Cronin, invited cameras into the Essex pad owned by her parents Debbie and Dave Bright.


The kitchen features an antique pram and wooden horse[/caption]


The ‘red room’ is home to a host of royal memorabilia[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Lydia shot to fame on TOWIE in 2010[/caption]

Lydia gave fans a tour of the sprawling house, where she grew up and still lives, along with her mum, who is also familiar to TOWIE fans.

The pair started in the kitchen, which resembled something out of an antiques shop, with its vintage pram and wooden rocking horse randomly placed next to an old fashioned fireplace.

The room also boasts cabinets full of bric and brac and collectibles.

After a quick pan of the room, Lydia showed off the contents of the fridge, which she said was “full of condiments”, prompting a horrified Debbie to admit she needed to go shopping for other supplies.

Lydia shows off some wraps and Branston pickle from the family fridge


The family dog made a cameo[/caption]


Family portraits adorn the home[/caption]

The kitchen has plenty of room for entertaining
Lydia with her Italian family tree

The pair then showed off various family portraits and their Italian family tree.

“I am half Italian,” Lydia, who was a bridesmaid for her mum when she recently wed Dave, her partner of 40 years, said.

“No, she’s not,” corrected Debbie. “She”s a quarter Italian. I speak Italian!”

From there, the reality stars moved to the ‘red room’, which boats red walls, ornate red lamps and vibrant crimson curtains, as well as an oxblood leather sofa.


The red room has a picture of Prince Harry on the wall[/caption]


The red room also has a tea set with the Queen on it[/caption]


But the sitting area, which has a dining table in the middle decorated with a sunflower tea set, could also be dubbed the ‘royal room’ as it is full of Royal family memorabilia.

“We are Royal family fans, are’t we, here?” Lydia said to her mum.

“We love them,” revealed Debbie. “I was devastated when Harry married Megan.”

Debbie then showed off her Queen mug and her Harry picture on the wall, before moving over to her vintage record player.

Lydia put a record on as her mum and dad danced in the middle of the room, before Lydia called time on their little routine.


There are 17 chandeliers in the house, one in every room[/caption]


The living room has lots of space for ‘chillaxing’[/caption]


The living room fireplace is decorated with antiques, ornaments and pictures[/caption]



The entire Bright clan pile on the sofa[/caption]

Debbie then raced to point out the chandelier on the roof, which Lydia admitted was “stunning, honey.”
Debbie went on to reveal that “every single room in this house has a chandelier”, totalling a whopping 17.

Finally, the tour rounded out in the huge living room, where Lydia said they all “chillax”.

The room boasts a floral sofa complete with matching foot rest which the whole family can fit on. There are two other easy chairs to relax in in front of a warm, toasty fire.

On the other side of the living area hangs a flat-screen TV and in front of the window is a giant Oriental dressing screen.

Explained Lydia: “We watch movies, eat popcorn, we pile up – we all have our specific spot on the sofa and we just pig out!”

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