Bake Off 2019 Bread Week: Five things we learned as Amelia Le Bruin was eliminated

Bake Off 2019 Bread Week: Five things we learned as Amelia Le Bruin was eliminated

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THE third week of Great British Bake Off highlighted which bakers could rise to one of the biggest challenges on the show – Bread.

Here are all the big moments that went down in the legendary white tent as the contestants tried to impress Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith on GBBO
Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4

Bake Off was celebrated the versatility of Bread in the third week[/caption]

Five things we learnt from Bake Off 2019 Week Three

WARNING: Contains spoilers from episode three of Bake Off 2019

1) The first handshake of the series

Yes, you read that right. Paul  Hollywood dished out the first handshake of the series and the lucky recipient was Michael.

The fitness instructor made a stunning Keralan Star Bread for the tear and share Signature Challenge, which was influenced on his travel in India.

It was flavoured with coconut and chilli and Paul could not get enough.

He gushed: “I really like it and I’ll tell you why  I like it. I’ve never  had anything like it before and that’s what makes it so special.”

After the all important handshake, Micheal was left pretty overwhelmed to say the least.

He said afterwards: “I got my first handshake, that is so crazy. My mum is gonna cry, she’s gonna be so excited. I  can’t wait to tell my friends.”

Paul Hollywood on GBBO

Paul gave out his first handshake of the series[/caption]

2) No-one can handle the baps

They might have be able to do a lot of their hands but a lot of the bakers seemed to struggle when it came to baps in this week’s episode.

The Technical challenge was to make eight white burger baps and four veggie burgers, which was a lot harder than it sounds.

Most of the contestants hadn’t really spent much time making a plain old white burger bun and Paul’s instructions didn’t make the task any easier.

For Bread Week, the gang also had to make a filled tear and share loaf which had to be made with yeasted bread dough and baked as one loaf.

The Showstopper had to be artistically scored decorative loaves, which were themed and featured at least two impressively sized  loaves that were well decorated.

3) What’s the score?

Scoring proved to be a real challenge for our bakers and even the judges had to admit it was a hard task.

Paul explained: “This is a really tricky challenge. Probably one of the hardest ones we’ve set.

David was told his split African mask loaves were ‘barely done’ loaves were all style and no substance. While Henry got scolded for using a type of bread which isn’t exactly great for scoring.

Poor Priya was  told to do “more scoring and less painting” and Amelia’s design was enough to distract from her baking.

Micheal on GBBO
Channel 4

Michael was thrilled to be named Star Baker[/caption]

4) The third star baker

Before we bid farewell to another baker, Michael was crowned Star Baker and it was very well deserved.

The theatre manager had a truly impressive week which started off with him wowing the judges with his stunning Keralan Star Bread in the tear and share Signature Challenge.

While his Mediterranean camp fire still got a lot of praise from Paul and Prue despite the fact his scoring burst a bit.

Paul gushed: “You scored too deeply. Overall, the image is amazing and it looks mice with the read. It’s a nice loaf and the flavour is really nice. I like it.”

Amelia GBBO
Channel 4

Poor old Amelia got the boot[/caption]

5) The third contestant to get the boot

After struggling in Biscuit Week, Amelia had an even harder time with the Bread challenges.

The fashion designer was named the worst baker in the technical challenge, failed to impress with her ‘messy’ Chorizo brunch tear and share and was told her baking was ‘terrible’ for her Caterpillar transformation showstopper.

Prue explained that her scoring had been ‘clumsy’ and there was no ‘finesse’ to her approach so sadly, Amelia’s time on the show came to an end.

Amelia took the news well as she said: “It’s no surprise to me that I left on Bread Week, it’s never been my strength.  I didn’t rise to the challenge of bread week exactly, but I literally had so much fun. I tried my best and I would like to think that I’ve proved I’m a good baker.”

When is Bake Off next on?

You can get your next fix of the show on Tuesday, September 17.

It will, of course, be on at 8pm until 9.30pm.

You can watch previous episodes NOW on 4 Catch Up.

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