Who is the ‘Stop Brexit’ man shouting outside Parliament everyday?

Who is the ‘Stop Brexit’ man shouting outside Parliament everyday?

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TV PRESENTERS reporting outside Westminster are often interrupted by the same man repeatedly shouting “Stop Brexit”.

But who is he and why does he do it? Here’s what we know…

TV presenters reporting outside Westminster are often interrupted  by a man shouting ‘Stop Brexit’

Who is the ‘Stop Brexit man’?

Steve Bray is a political activist from Port Talbot in southern Wales.

He is known as Mr Stop Brexit and is a regularly heard heckling at TV presenters during their live bulletins at Westminster.

He has been standing in front of parliament everyday since September 2017.

He wears a top hate on his head which features a Union Jack and a EU flag.

Steve previously said: “Our nation is more important than me looking an idiot on telly, far more important.

“I do this for my daughter and my grandson. For the future.

“If Brexit happens, we will be in years of decline.”

AP:Associated Press

Steve Bray is a political activist from Port Talbot in southern Wales[/caption]

What is Brexit?

Brexit comes from merging the words “Britain” and “exit” and refers to the country’s exit from the European Union.

The term has been widely used ever since the idea of a referendum on the UK leaving the trading bloc was put forward.

More than 30 million people voted in the June 2016 referendum with a turnout of 71.8 per cent. Leave won by 52 per cent to 48 per cent.

People now talk about “soft” and “hard” Brexit in reference to how close the UK will be to the EU post separation.
A soft Brexit means Britain will keep strong economic ties with the EU, with a hard Brexit meaning the UK leaves the single market entirely.

Why is the UK’s withdrawal from the EU plunged in chaos?

Britain had been due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019.

However, after UK MPs rejected the withdrawal deal Mrs May had agreed with Brussels – EU leaders eventually agreed to a six-month extension to the exit process until October 31, 2019.

The UK can leave the EU before this date if a withdrawal agreement is ratified between Britain and Brussels before then.

After failing to pass her hated Withdrawal Agreement, Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister on June 7 2019.

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