What is the Grab Bag police campaign and what should be in an emergency bag?

What is the Grab Bag police campaign and what should be in an emergency bag?

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POLICE in Scotland have encouraged members of the public to “be prepared” by packing a Grab Bag.

But what is a Grab Bag and what is the campaign’s aim? Here’s what we know.


The Grab bag has received mixed responses on Twitter[/caption]

What is the Grab Bag online campaign about?

Police Scotland yesterday took to Twitter to encourage members of the public to “be prepared” by packing a bag with emergency items such as passports, a first aid kit and a torch.

The grab bag campaign is being promoted by police forces across the UK, including Police Scotland, and by councils.

The tweet said: “September is preparedness month. Emergencies can happen at any time and it’s recommended to have a #GrabBag ready containing essential items including medication, copies of important documents, food/water, torch, radio and other personal items #30Days30WaysUK #BePrepared”

Among the many items people need to pack in the bag are batteries, clothing, toiletries, a pen and notepad, phone charger, whistle and first aid kit.


Police Scotland’s tweet received some criticism[/caption]


What was the general reaction?

The grab bag campaign quickly went viral as social media users accused authorities of scaremongering, while others questioned whether they “know something we don’t”.

One person wrote: “Is this something we should carry on us at all times? Is something going to happen in October that we should prepare for?”

Another twitter user added: “This is crass. Scaring people with no explanations. What emergencies do you envisage? Brexit? War? Civil disturbance? Flood? Pestilence? Nuclear accident? Martial Law?”

While a third said: “I’m quite concerned about where we’re going where a radio, torch and whistle might be needed. I can understand having such a bag in case you’re rushed into hospital, but a torch and whistle?”

Another added: “Anybody else thinking why are the authorities in the uk advising us of what to put in these so called emergency packs. Do they know something we don’t. #GrabBag”


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