The perfect photos taken at just the right moment show timing is everything

The perfect photos taken at just the right moment show timing is everything

- in Usa News

FROM flying dogs to a man seemingly walking on water, these incredible photos have been snapped at just the right moment.

And the best photos are – in theory – all about perfect timing, as this amusing gallery of optical illusions show.

Bubble wrap…

Being full of hot air is perfect when you’re trying to become a pop-sicle

Mucking about

Human mud pie shot here

It’s a miracle!

Man pretending to be ‘Jesus’ walking on water

On the fly

A tender moment is captured here

Something to spout about…

This woman’s having a whale of a time… and a sea shower to boot

Giant feathered fiends

It looks like something from Alfred Hitchcock’s horror ‘The Birds’

What a howler

This dog appears to have bitten off more than he can chew

Something to crow about:

A karate move by an irate rooster is about to floor this poor kid

Air ace

Who needs wings?


Egg-sighting shot here

Going swimmingly

Although he looks awkward, this perfectly timed shot makes you look twice

Animal magic

This cute pooch is seemingly flying through the air


A seagull photobombs this shot of a high-octane ride at Great Yarmouth’s Pleasure Beach



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