Lisa Riley returns to Emmerdale – here’s where Mandy Dingle been for the last 17 years

Lisa Riley returns to Emmerdale – here’s where Mandy Dingle been for the last 17 years

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MANDY Dingle – aka Lisa Riley – is making her soap comeback to Emmerdale this week as she is joined by her son Vinny.

But where has the feisty character been for the last 17 years? Here’s the lowdown.

Mandy Dingle returns with a bang on tonight's episode of Emmerdale
Mandy Dingle returns with a bang on tonight’s episode of Emmerdale

Who is Mandy Dingle?

The Dingle family tree is not one of the easiest to follow, we know – and Mandy’s return isn’t going to make things much clearer.

Mandy is Zak’s niece – her dad being Zak’s brother Caleb – which makes her cousins with Sam, Belle, Charity, Cain, Marlon and Chas.

Mandy first arrived in the Dales back in 1995 but was last a regular character way back in 2001.

She fled the village after her marriage to Paddy Kirk ended following her affair with her university lecturer.

Mandy was married to Paddy Kirk in the 90s
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Where has Mandy Dingle been in Emmerdale?

Mandy Dingle left Emmerdale 17 years ago – apart from a short return earlier this year with her teenage son, Vinny.

She fled the village back in 2000 following the breakdown of her marriage to Paddy and went to live with her best friend Kelly Windsor in London.

Mandy briefly returned the following year and tried to rekindle her love with the village vet but it was unsuccessful and she left again.

When Mandy returned in January 2019, she arrived with her teenage son, Vinny.

It soon became clear that she’d been living in Southampton.

After fighting with Chas over Paddy, Mandy departed for Southampton once more, but it was clear she and Vinny were hiding something.

What has Lisa Riley said about returning to Emmerdale?

Lisa Riley has been very vocal about her excitement over returning to the soap which made her a household name.

The actress explained: “She’s [Mandy] still in Southampton and something has happened to her.
“She has a child called Vinnie. They are very similar which is really nice and gives a lot of scope.
“She’s been very happy and has a bit of money now, so she’s not as downtrodden as she was. She’s also a little bit more glamorous than the mismatch she was before.”

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