Liar season 2 start date, cast and what happened in season one?

Liar season 2 start date, cast and what happened in season one?

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LIAR made an incredible impact when it premiered with its first series on ITV last year, and now the thrilling drama is back for another run.

But when is season 2 starting on ITV, who’s in the cast and what happened in season one? We have all the information you need to know…

Liar is returning with season two this autumn

When is Liar season 2 being released?

According to Radio Times, the hit show is expected to return to ITV in autumn, adding that the show commenced production on the second series in March.

Though ITV has yet to confirm an official date, writers Harry and Jack Williams have confirmed that we’re just weeks away from catching all-new episodes of the drama.

Will they be able to solve the murder case and point out Andrew’s killer?

Joanne Froggatt will return for season two

Who’s in the cast and what will happen next?

Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd are both expected to be reprising their roles as Laura Nielson and Andrew Earlham for the forthcoming season.

We’re not entirely sure who else will definitely be back for the second series, but we do know that there’ll be one big question viewers will want the answer to who killed Andrew?

The show will pick up three weeks after an arrest warrant had been issued for Andrew for the shock sexual assault on 19 women.

His body was soon discovered in the Kent marshes and brand-new Detective Inspector Karent Renton (Katherine Kelly) and her team are determined to get to the bottom of things.

What happened in season one?

Just when we all thought that serial rapist Andrew Earlham was going to go down for his criminal acts, the finale had us discover that he’d been murdered.

In the closing scene of the final episode, Andrew is seen half-submerged in the muddy marshes, with his clothes soaking wet, his throat slit and blood on his shirt.

Andrew was notably missing for weeks – he disappeared on the night Laura Nielson found out new evidence that would’ve seen him face time behind bars.

Video footage of Andrew raping a 17-year-old is obtained by Laura, but by the time that police had rushed to arrest him, he’d already made a vanishing act.

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