Jilted lover ‘kills boy, 3 because his mum refused to rekindle romance’ after he axed her aunt to death

Jilted lover ‘kills boy, 3 because his mum refused to rekindle romance’ after he axed her aunt to death

- in Usa News

A JEALOUS jilted lover allegedly strangled a toddler to death and hid his body under branches because the boy’s mum had ditched him.

The man accused of killing Maksim Garifulin had recently been paroled for good behaviour – after being convicted of murdering the child’s great-aunt.

The suspect Igentai Sopyzhanov was in a relationship with the boy’s mum before he was sent to prison in Kazakhstan – after killing her aunt
Maksim Garifulin was allegedly strangled by Sopyzhanov
Cops, soldiers and volunteers combed the village of Burma in central Karaganda after the toddler was reported missing
Police Handout

Police Handout

The boy’s remains were found on the third day of the search, hidden under dry branches and grass[/caption]

According to reports, Igentai Sopyzhanov, 23, and the victim’s mum, named as Veronika, 22, were in a relationship four years ago.

Back than, Veronika broke up with him after being persuaded to do so by her aunt, who reportedly disliked the man.

Sopyzhanov grabbed an axe and violently butchered her relative to death.

He was convicted of murder and sentenced to nine years in prison.

However, the killer was paroled just four years later for good behaviour, say local media.

After being releasing from prison six months ago, Sopyzhanov tried to to renew his relationship with Veronika.

But all of his attempts were rejected and he decided to take further revenge, it’s alleged.

Media reports say that he approached her at a local shop where she was buying food and started quarrelling.


Described as “raving” at the time, Sopyzhanov found Veronika and her son, and allegedly attacked them in front of numerous passersby.

Sopyzhanov ripped Maksim from her hands and fled the scene, witnesses said.

At first, Veronika and her relatives tried to find the boy on their own.

They went to Sopyzhanov’s place hoping to find Maksim there.

Veronika’s relative, Irina, told the local media: ”His [Sopyzhanov’s] step-mother said that he had come home without the boy and left several minutes later without taking his mobile phone with him.’

”He tried to restart relationships with Veronika and she refused. We believe he killed Maksim for revenge.”

The boy’s terrified relatives told the police about him being snatched from his mum’s arms, and a large search operation was launched.

Hundreds of cops, soldiers and volunteers started combing the village and the surrounding area.

Police spokesman Meirkhan Ainabekov, told reporters: ”We found the boy’s body on the third day of the search.

“It was hidden under dry branches and grass in a wooded area not far from the village.”

The head of Karaganda Police Department, Erlan Faizullin, said: ”Forensics concluded the boy was strangled after examining the body at the scene.

”The victim’s body was sent for further examinations to determine the exact time and cause of his death.”

After the alleged killer was arrested at the railway station in Karaganda, the region’s capital, Faizullin said: ”Sopyzhanov has confessed to kidnapping and murdering the child.

“He is in custody now. The investigation is ongoing.”

Police said he will be formally charged with murder today, and will remain in custody.

The boy was snatched from his mum while the pair were shopping in their village
Sopyzhanov has allegedly ‘confessed to kidnapping and murdering the child’, says the Karaganda region Police Department



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