Cyclist leaves boy, 5, in ‘pool of blood’ after ploughing into him on his way home from school before fleeing

Cyclist leaves boy, 5, in ‘pool of blood’ after ploughing into him on his way home from school before fleeing

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A CYCLIST is being hunted after smashing into a five-year-old boy before fleeing the scene, leaving the youngster in a pool of blood.

Little Freddie-Lee Simmons-Fletcher was riding his bike home from school in Hull when the man ploughed into him – he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance with several huge gashes on his face.

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Five-year-old Freddie was left with gashes all over his face after the smash[/caption]


The cyclist smashes into little Freddie and he tumbles off his bike[/caption]

Horrific footage of the incident shows Freddie, dressed in a red coat, tumbling from his bike as the cyclist smashes into him.

The cyclist is also knocked off balance following the collision.

Before the shocked youngster can react, the cyclist is already scrambling back to his bike.

Little Freddie, visibly distressed, runs towards his mum as he covers his bloodied face.

His shocked family gather up the shaken lad and his bike as the cyclist pedals off.

Freddie was then rushed to hospital where he had to have part of his eyebrow glued back together.

The little lad was left with two black eyes and gashes across his face, with his dad saying he is in so much pain from his injuries he can barely eat.

Freddie’s parents, Daniel Fletcher, 28, and Rebecca Simmons-Costello, 26 have branded the horrific incident a “hit and run” and reported the cyclist to the police.

“I’m so angry as a parent about what happened and I can’t believe the man just rode off without helping,” Freddie’s dad said.

“It’s a hit and run, no matter whether the accident happened with a car or bike and we’ve reported it to the police.

“I want the man finding and punishing and I want him to explain how he could [leave] a five-year-old boy in a pool of blood like he did. It’s not fair what happened.
“It’s lucky that Freddie didn’t end up in intensive care with what happened, as it could’ve been so much worse,” he added.

Several onlookers rushed to help Freddie following the incident, with angry witnesses laying into the hit-and-run cyclist, but he just rode off.

Footage of the incident was captured on a dash-cam by a passing driver, who turned over the video in an attempt to help find the culprit.

“Freddie was so brave though even though he cried a lot over all the blood, and he’s been so brave since,” his dad said.

“He’s so good on his bike as well and knows his road safety and has never had an accident before.

“The man should have seen all the school kids on bikes and slowed down, but he didn’t.”


Shocked Freddie covers his bloodied face and runs into his mum’s arms[/caption]

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Freddie was rushed to hospital following the incident and his dad says he is in so much pain he can barely eat[/caption]

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Freddie was was badly shaken by the incident, but was incredibly brave despite his injuries[/caption]

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