Incredible snap from Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards shows penguin fleeing from leopard seal as it bursts out of the water

Incredible snap from Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards shows penguin fleeing from leopard seal as it bursts out of the water

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INCREDIBLE photographs have been released that show the world’s best nature photography across the planet.

The 100 images, including a leopard seal leaping from the sea to make a grab for an unsuspecting penguin, will be showcased at the Natural History Museum.

Eduardo Del Álamo

This year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has seen some amazing entries, including Eduardo Del Álamo’s snap of a penguin fleeing from a leopard seal[/caption]

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest attracted almost 50,000 entries from across 100 countries, with one even capturing a mother rhino saving her baby from an attack in Switzerland.

A playful raccoon poking her face out of a 1970s Ford Pinto, a shoal of bigeye trevally circling in the Red Sea, a young grey whale approaching a hand in San Ignacio Lagoon and a trapped turtle tied to a deck chair all made the shortlist.

Winners of the prize will be announced at an awards ceremony on October 15 at the iconic Hintze Hall.

Fast and fur-ious

Jason Bantle

Jason Bantle’s entry shows a playful racoon poking her face out of an abandoned 1970s Ford Pinto in Canada[/caption]

Sea whirled

Alexander Mustard

This black and white snap shows a shoal of bigeye trevally in the Red Sea, shot by Alex Mustard[/caption]

Shell on Earth

Matthew Ware

This harrowing image by Matthew Ware shows a turtle tied to old beach chair by litter on a beach in Alabama – over the past 50 years, human activities have greatly reduced the Kemp’s ridley sea turtles numbers[/caption]

Whale I never

Thomas P. Peschak

On the coast of Mexico’s Baja California, curious baby grey whales and their mothers are known to actively seek contact with people for a head scratch or back rub[/caption]

The cheet is on

Peter Haygarth

After following a pack of wild dogs in South Africa, Peter Haygarth captured the moment an elderly male cheetah found himself surrounded, before he fled[/caption]

Jelly baby

Fabien Michenet

Fabien Michenet’s entry shows a young jellyfish peering out from inside another small jellyfish, after seeking refuge under its umbrella[/caption]

Snoozing seal

Ralf Schneider

A Weddell seal hugs its flippers tight to its body as it drifts off to sleep in Larsen Harbour, South Georgia, where it will be relatively safe from predators like killer whales and leopard seals[/caption]

Clinging to death

rank Deschandol

Photographer Frank Deschandol noticed that this bizarre-looking weevil was dead but its body had been taken over by a ‘zombie fungus’ which had forced it to climb[/caption]

The last gasp

Adrian Hirschi

A distraught mother looks on as a large male hippo seizes her calf and tries to crush it to death[/caption]

A long drink

Diana Rebman

Diana Rebman was lucky to stumble across a flock of long-tailed tits and marsh tits that were taking turns to nibble at a long icicle[/caption]

Just chillin’


One entrant in this year’s Young Wildlife Photographers competition was Carlos Pérez Naval who photographed a brown-throated three-toed sloth hanging out in a tree at Panama’s Soberanía National Park[/caption]

A prison of its own making

Minghui Yuan

Minghui Yuan’s entry shows a Cyna moth pupa weave its delicate cocoon cage, held with silk – soon it will emerge as a beautiful white moth[/caption]

Which way is up?

Michel Roggo

Michel Roggo payed a visit to a freshwater forest by his home in Switzerland where he came across an ‘underwater jungle with an endless view’[/caption]

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