Bear Grylls’ Treasure Island viewers disgusted as Ben drinks his own urine within HOURS of being on the island

Bear Grylls’ Treasure Island viewers disgusted as Ben drinks his own urine within HOURS of being on the island

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TREASURE Island with Bear Grylls viewers were left disgusted tonight as Ben started drinking his own urine within hours.

The double glazing salesman had his own strategy for saving drinking water after the Islanders were only provided with 24 hours supply of water.

Ben was drinking his own urine within hours of being on Treasure Island<span style="font-size: 16px"> </span><span style="font-size: 16px"> </span>

“Looks like p**s, smells like p**s, tastes like heaven,” he quipped, holding his nose while drinking the yellow liquid from a plastic bottle.

Waitress Ruby confronted him: “Why are you drinking your own wee again?
“Because in this environment the faster we adapt the better chance we’ve got of surviving,” he said.

“What’s it like? Is it warm still?” she asked.

He said it tasted like heaven
Ben said it tasted like apple juice
Ben is trying to get in survival mode

“It actually tastes quite nice, like apple juice,” he joked.

But viewers were not impressed and rushed to Twitter to slam his actions.

“They’ve only been on there 5 minutes and Ben’s drinking his own pee,” one viewer tweeted.

“WAIT. So they have water available and this guy is drinking his own p**s already… you just know he’s done that before,” another added.

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On the Island this time around, the stakes are much higher for the new season as £100,000 will be hidden across the island.

All 12 contestants will embark on a challenge to not only survive the gruelling experience but also have their limits pushed to the extreme while searching for the “treasure.”

The twist: if any of the Islanders, who find the sum of money, decide to leave early, the money stays and they will leave empty-handed.

Only those who have remained on the show from the beginning and stuck through the ordeal will keep their share of the prize money they find.

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