Peaky Blinders sees Tommy and Arthur begged to avenge three gruesome deaths in darkly comic scene

Peaky Blinders sees Tommy and Arthur begged to avenge three gruesome deaths in darkly comic scene

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A PREVIEW for tomorrow night’s episode of Peaky Blinders sees Tommy and Arthur Shelby begged to avenge three gruesome deaths in a darkly comic scene.

The clip shows an abused woman frantically approach the gang leaders for help after her husband murdered her three pet birds.

Tommy is approached by a desperate woman in a preview for tomorrow night’s episode

Tommy, played by Cillian Murphy, is considered a Robin-Hood style gangster-turned-MP by his constituency, and the character is sure to promise the desperate woman that he will help her out.

The teaser shows Mrs. Connors emotionally telling Tommy and his brother about her husband’s violent tendencies and drunken behaviour – referring to three dead bodies at her husband’s hands.

While the two men believe that she is talking about humans, Mrs. Connors then reveals the trio of bird corpses – causing Arthur to stifle a laugh.

Mrs. Connors desperately explains: “Their singing was the only pretty thing in my life.

Mrs. Connors opens up about her drunk and abusive husband
The three victims are revealed to be birds

“I don’t care that my husband beats me, but not this.”

Tommy remains professional, reassuring the woman: “Mrs. Connors, we have your address.

“We will speak to your husband.”

He goes on to promise that Arthur will replace the three Goldfinches for her, with the character promising to name them Thomas, Arthur and Finn as a sign of her gratitude.

Arthur Shelby stifles laughter when he sees the corpses
Tommy vowed to speak to Mrs. Connors’ husband

The light-hearted scene follows a dramatic few opening episodes of the BBC One series, which has seen Tommy’s gang targeted by rivals The Billy Boys.

Bonnie Gold was murdered by the Scottish group to send a message to the Shelby family, with Bonnie’s devastated dad, Aberama, heading North to avenge the death last week.

Fans were left horrified when the troubled gypsy got revenge by pouring boiling tar into the mouth of one of the gang members – with last week’s episode ending as Jimmy McCavern vowed “war” on the Peaky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders continues tomorrow night at 9pm on BBCOne

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