New York reveals plans to drown rats in vats of BOOZE to tackle latest infestation ravaging the city

New York reveals plans to drown rats in vats of BOOZE to tackle latest infestation ravaging the city

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OFFICIALS in New York have unveiled a new plan to drown rats that plague their city in BOOZE.

New rat traps will bait the furry creatures and entice them into a pool of alcohol based liquid that knocks them out, then drowns them.

New York has a huge rat problem
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The tanks will be able to hold up to 80 rat carcasses and could pose a solution for one of the US’ most rat-infested cities.

Footage shows dead rats being scooped from a bucket of murky green sludge as the new traps were trialled.

A month long trial of the traps saw 107 rats killed via the alcohol method.

Two years ago, the city embarked on a $32 million (£26 m) scheme to cull thousands of rats.

Pest control bosses trialled rat-resistant bins and a special liquid that was supposed to render the rodents infertile – but their efforts were unsuccessful.

The trials come as rat sightings in New York have shot up by 38 per cent, with 17,353 alone in 2018.

This new alcohol-based traps have been described as “humane and environmentally friendly” by Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams.

He added it would be rolled out in some of Brooklyn’s most rat-infected districts.

However, animal rights groups including Peta have slammed the “cruel and frightening traps.”

“New York’s alcohol traps will kill rats on the spot, but they’ll do nothing to curb overall rodent populations, which rebound when animals remain fertile,” says Elisa Allen, Peta’s director.

“So drowning – like poisoning – will be ineffective in the long run.”

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An example of one of the alcoholic rat traps[/caption]

New York is one of the most rat infested cities in the US
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