Mass UFO sightings ‘connected’ to large earthquakes, former US Marine intelligence officer claims

Mass UFO sightings ‘connected’ to large earthquakes, former US Marine intelligence officer claims

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AN ex-Marine has bizarrely claimed mass of UFO sightings are connected to mega earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Nick Karnaze, a former special operative in United States Marine Corps soldier who served in Afghanistan, is investigating evidence attempting to prove aliens have contacted Earth.

Ex marine Nick Karnaze believes he has spotted a correlation between UFOs and natural disasters

The former serviceman believes he has now spotted a correlation between UFO sightings and natural disasters.

He told the Daily Star: “We’re seeing a lot of sightings connected to earthquakes, which is very interesting.

“Sarah [Cruddas] and I were looking at a lot of sightings around a series of earthquakes, relatively large for the area too.

“And I know the team in South America were also looking into similar patterns.”

He added that found it “interesting that we have a correlation between mass UFO sightings and natural disasters”.

He said he found it ‘interesting that we have a correlation between mass UFO sightings and natural disasters’
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But he did caveat it by saying he couldn’t definitely say that extra-terrestrials were causing the chaos.

Footage has emerged over the years claiming to show UFOs in the region of earthquakes.

In one clip, multiple UFOs were spotted on camera over locations recently hit by a quake.

While a second claimed a UFO may even be the cause of the natural disaster.

The news comes just days after other alien hunters claimed to have spotted a UFO “crash site” in a British Overseas Territory on Google Earth.

A video posted to an”alien” sub-section on Reddit shows how zooming in on a certain area of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands reveals a mysterious vast section of disturbed snow.

Google Earth

UFO hunters would like officials to investigate what this object is[/caption]

Reddit user Hey-man-Shabozi captioned the post: “What’s over 200ft long, casts a shadow of 50ft, and appears to have crashed on an Arctic [SIC] island, moving so fast that it slid over 3,000ft?”

The island, located near Antarctica, has a strange snow formation in the area near Mount Carse.

It looks very similar to an avalanche but the video posted on Reddit goes into detail about how it could be more that what it seems.

The main point of contention for the Reddit user is that there appears to be a long thing object that has created a lengthy straight track away from the disrupted area as if it crashed at speed.

Some Reddit users think this area looks suspicious
Google Earth

The Reddit user estimated that the tracks were more than 3,000 feet long.

He also claims to have worked out that the object responsible was 200 feet long.

The Reddit user tries to explain in the video why they think this is more than just an avalanche
Google Earth

Lots of other Reddit users have replied to the original post.

One replied: “That’s Captain America bro”.

Another said: “Could it be a meteor?”.

However, lots of other people have guessed the mysterious object is just a rock or a big block of ice that has fallen during an avalanche.

There are many possible explanations for what the object is
Google Earth

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In other news, UFO hunters also think they’ve found signs of an alien invasion in Google Earth snaps of Antarctica.

Designs for the ‘first space hotel’ have been revealed and it’s as weird and futuristic as you would expect.

And, a mysterious ‘gel-like’ substance has been found on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon.

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