Expectant mum went for 12-week scan and found ‘baby’ was really a cancerous growth that made her body mimic pregnancy

Expectant mum went for 12-week scan and found ‘baby’ was really a cancerous growth that made her body mimic pregnancy

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AN expectant mum went for a 12-week scan only to find out her “baby” was actually a cancerous growth that made her body mimic a pregnancy.

Grace Baker-Padden, 23, from Willington, County Durham, was surprised when she fell pregnant as she had been on the pill.

Grace Baker-Padden and her boyfriend Joe Cowling, were happy to attend their 12-week scan, when they got the bad news
Facebook/Joe Cowling

Facebook/Grace Baker-Padden

Grace thought she was having morning sickness and assumed her stomach was growing because of the pregnancy[/caption]

But after four tests, her GP confirmed it, and she began to vomit every day, dismissing it as morning sickness.

Even Grace’s stomach began to swell “very mildly”, and she assumed it was because of her pregnancy.

But at around eight to 10 weeks, she noticed spots of blood, and feared she might be having a miscarriage.

She was taken to the University Hospital of North Durham in February last year for a scan.

According to her partner Joe, 28, there was no shape of a baby

Grace told The Sunday Mirror: “From planning this exciting new future as a family to suddenly no baby and my health at risk was awful.

“I just wanted the horrible mass out of me immediately.”

Doctors confirmed it was a molar pregnancy, known as gestational trophoblastic disease.

It is caused when a non-fertilised egg implants itself in the uterus, causing Grace’s hormone levels to soar.

The condition can affect one in 600 pregnancies, and one per cent of them are cancerous.

For the following six months, Grace took chemotherapy medication to bring her hormones under control.

And in September she was admitted for more tests in Sheffield, at a unit run by the Teenage Cancer Trust which helps 13 to 24 year old’s.

Just after Christmas she was given the all clear but continued to undergo treatment as a measure of precaution for the next month.

The young couple hope to still have a baby together one day, but have been advised to wait for a year, so her hormone level’s can stabilise.

Today Joe will take part in the Great North Run to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

He hopes to raise £2,000 on their Just Giving page.

When Grace went for her first scan, Joe was horrified that the shape in her tummy didn’t even resemble a baby’s
Grace took chemotherapy medication for six months after her diagnosis
Facebook/Grace Baker-Padden

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