Britney ‘furious’ and ‘barely speaking to dad’ amid rehab stint, abuse allegations and custody battle

Britney ‘furious’ and ‘barely speaking to dad’ amid rehab stint, abuse allegations and custody battle

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SHE’s had a mental breakdown, a stint in rehab and has been locked in an ongoing custody battle with ex Kevin Federline for years.

And now, troubled popstar Britney Spears is fearful she may lose even more access to her sons after her father Jamie, 66, who manages her £59million fortune, allegedly abused her 13-year-old son Sean Preston.

Sources close to Britney say she’s been going through hell, but the singer insists she’s fine

According to TMZ, the singer‘s ex Kevin Federline filed a police report accusing Jamie of “breaking down a door and grabbing” the teen in an heated exchange.

Following the claims, Us Weekly report that Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, have been granted a restraining order against their grandfather.

Sources close to the star claim Jamie’s alleged outburst has caused more tension and “ugly arguments”, with Britney barely speaking to her father.

To make things harder, the star – who has sold over 100million records worldwide – has been tied to Jamie financially since 2008, with him controlling her personal and financial decisions under a conservatorship.

The once squeaky-clean pop star’s mum is now said to be trying to gain some control over her finances as well, and it’s causing no end of stress for Britney.

Britney’s dad Jamie has allegedly been accused of being involved in a ‘physical altercation’ with Britney’s 13-year-old son
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‘There have been some seriously ugly arguments’

“Britney and her dad are barely on speaking terms… and there’s been a lot of talk of Britney blaming him for what’s gone on with the custody deal,” our source explains.

“It’s heartbreaking, because he’s had some terrible health struggles of his own in recent years.

“Her dad insists he was within his rights to discipline the boy – [he] is a real no-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t suffer bad behaviour… but Britney felt she had to tell Kevin what had happened because she was so horrified by how her son had been treated. It’s caused a lot of tension and anguish.

“Britney’s been through hell. She continues to insist that everything’s fine and she has her life under control but it burns like hell that a judge is reducing her access to the boys.

“Of course she loves her dad, but things have been very intense lately and there have been some seriously ugly arguments between them behind the scenes.”

Britney’s boyfriend Sam has been “her rock” recently
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‘She’s terrified of losing more access to her kids’

Britney’s devotion and love for her two sons Jayden James, 12, and Sean has always been clear, and the star is very close to her dad, which will make the recent allegations incredibly difficult for Britney.

Now, it’s been reported that her child custody arrangement has also been adjusted meaning she now has less access to her sons than before, with ex Kevin Federline getting the kids 70 per cent of the time.

“This legal drama with Kevin and the kids has been incredibly stressful, but she insists her conscience is clear – she’s a great mum and the boys love her and that’s all that should count,” our source says.

“She is furious with Jamie for putting her in yet another position where everyone’s looking at her parenting, with the limelight once again on her and Kevin’s custody drama.

“She is terrified of losing even more access to her kids, and this has only made her more threatened and upset.”

Britney has always made it clear her kids come first

Four-hour police standoff

The star previously lost custody of the two boys in 2007 after a very public mental breakdown, which saw the distressed star shave her own head before attacking a photographer’s car with an umbrella.

A judge granted full custody to her ex Kevin Federline, much to Britney’s distress.

In 2008 she was then arrested after locking herself in a bathroom with her one year old son Jayden.

The drama ended with Britney being stretchered away from her home after a four-hour stand off in an ambulance.

Britney is a proud mum to Sean, 13 and Jayden, 12
Following Britney’s breakdown in 2007 she lost custody of her kids for a while
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Her desperate plea for ‘freedom’

As a result of Britney’s public meltdown, the star has been under the conservatorship of her father since 2008 – meaning she is unable to make personal or financial decisions without her father’s approval.

But earlier this year it was reported Britney wanted to take back some control over her life and make her own decisions.

The star reportedly asked a judge for “more freedom” in a hearing, and her mum, Lynne Spears, was also understood to be trying to gain access to her daughter’s medical records after fans claimed the singer was being “held against her will” in rehab, with the hashtag ‘FreeBritney’ trending.

It’s not the first time Britney’s reliant relationship with her dad has come under scrutiny, and it’s thought that recent events involving Britney’s son being granted a restraining order against Jamie following abuse claims have done little to help.

Britney is thought to have a close relationship with her mum Lynne and dad Jamie
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‘She doesn’t want micro-managing’

Our source adds: “Things with Britney’s parents have been dramatic and tense for years, but Britney tries to stay on terms with both of them.

“It’s no secret her mum wants a bigger role in her life, but Jamie is a very take charge kind of guy who insists on being front and centre of everything he can involving Britney.

“That will have to change now though, especially since Britney’s essentially pulled herself and the kids away from him and he’s in danger of losing his grip on the conservatorship.

“Lynne’s big dream is to take charge of this situation and straighten it all out, and Britney’s not opposed to having help with her mum, but her big thing is that doesn’t think she needs all this micro managing – by her mum, dad or anyone.” 

Britney has had a hugely successful career, but her dad has controlled her finances since 2008
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‘She wants to make her romance work’

Thankfully, while her love life has been far straight forward in the past, Britney has been with boyfriend Sam Asghari, 25, since he starred in her Slumber Party music video back in 2016.

And despite Britney’s recent troubles, it seems their romance is solid – with model and personal trainer Sam recently addressing whether marriage was on the cards by saying: “Absolutely. This is something that every couple should do.”

Our source adds: “There was talk of trouble between them earlier this summer – around the time she went into rehab – but they seem to have turned it around.

“Britney’s full time focus is to make things work between them for the long term.

“Sam has been a real rock throughout all this and a lot of people wonder how she’d cope if he wasn’t on the scene.”

And it seems Britney is taking things sensibly slow.

She has been married twice previously, both in whirlwind romances. She got engaged within three months to dancer Federline – who sources say is being very supportive currently – and the pair wed in October 2004.

Their romance lasted two years before they divorced in July 2006.

Before marrying Kevin, earlier that same year she married childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander in a shotgun Las Vegas wedding that lasted just 55 hours before it was annulled.

Britney was married to dancer Kevin Federline for two years and the couple had two sons
Getty – Contributor
Now, Britney is concentrating on her relationship to Sam Asghari
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‘Staying busy is her main priority’

Many fans had also been alarmed earlier this year by Britney’s disappearance from the spotlight.

She had been due to return to Las Vegas this year for another residency called Britney: Domination following her hugely successful Piece Of Me show, which spanned 250 shows, ran for four years and grossed over £137m.

Britney had an extremely successful residency in Las Vegas, but was forced to cancel earlier this year
Getty – Contributor


In April however she indefinitely postponed this and working on her album, saying she needed to dedicate time to her family following her father struggling with serious ongoing health issues before checking into rehab.

Addressing fan concerns, Britney posted a video on Instagram saying: “All is well. My family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately, so I just needed time to deal. But don’t worry, I’ll be back very soon.”

However, while she’s stepped away from the spotlight, sources say staying busy and healthy is her main priority, adding: “She spends more than three hours a day in the gym – often working out late at night, too, if she can’t sleep.”

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