Brit dad, 26, drank 20 beers and 15 shots then jumped to his death from Majorca hotel balcony after arguing with his girlfriend

Brit dad, 26, drank 20 beers and 15 shots then jumped to his death from Majorca hotel balcony after arguing with his girlfriend

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A BRIT dad died after leaping from a hotel balcony following a “minor” argument with his girlfriend.

Richard Pike, 26, had drunk 20 bottled beers and 15 shots before he threw himself from a seventh floor balcony after bickering with his girlfriend.


Richard had drank 20 bottles of beer and 15 alcoholic shots, according to his girlfriend[/caption]

Richard, from Devon is said to have suffered with stress and emotional instability and could act impulsively.

The 26-year-old had been drinking alcohol for over 18 hours when he leapt to his death.


An inquest at Exeter’s County Hall heard from his girlfriend, Abigail Russell who witnessed the horrific incident as they holidayed together in Mallorca.

She said the 26 year old father of three was “really excited about the holiday,” as the pair prepared to fly from Bristol airport in July last year.

Abigail described how Richard was “very drunk” at the end of the night after watching an England football match on TV at the hotel in Porto Cristo.

She said they began “bickering about something silly,” at which point Richard left the hotel and Abigail returned to their room.

She then received a text message from Richard at around 11.45pm saying if she wasn’t in their room “I am going over the balcony.”


Abigail says their argument resumed as Richard returned the the hotel room but insists the pair were only bickering.

She described the horrifying moment Richard ran past her and threw himself over the balcony.

She said:”I saw him running straight past me to the balcony, the doors were open and he did not try to stop.

“He grabbed the top of the railings and jumped his legs over, causing him to fall.

“What happened was a complete shock.

“It was a minor argument, only a few words were spoken.

“He was very drunk. He had drunk 20 bottles of beer ad 10-15 alcoholic shots,” Abigail added.

Richard fell onto a parked car and sadly never regained consciousness.

He was flown home from a Palma hospital to one in Plymouth before being transferred to his home in Exeter, Devon.

Richard died on August 25 from brain trauma.

The senior Devon coroner, Philip Spinney recorded: “Richard Pike died as a consequence of his own actions,” but added: “his intentions in doing so are unclear.”


Abigail, pictured, says her boyfriend was ‘excited’ for their holiday[/caption]

Richard, 26, was impulsive and suffered from stress


The dad’s intentions were unclear when he leapt from the seventh floor[/caption]

Richard and Abigail had only just arrived in Spain


Richard had been holidaying at Porto Cristo in Mallorca[/caption]

If you, or anyone you know, needs help dealing with mental health problems the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123, or visit Mind’s website.

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