Yob threatening to ‘knock out’ defenceless donkey for likes on Facebook Live gets instant karma after falling into its pen and being ferociously attacked

Yob threatening to ‘knock out’ defenceless donkey for likes on Facebook Live gets instant karma after falling into its pen and being ferociously attacked

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A YOB who boasted he would “knock out” a seemingly defenceless donkey got a brutal dose of karma when he fell into its pen and was ferociously attacked by it.

The apparently intoxicated young man was filmed by friends in a sick Jackass-style prank climbing a fence at a farm in California in the middle of the night and threatening to attack Pepper the donkey.

The man climbs the fence after boasting he would knock out the donkey
The donkey takes a dislike to the intruder after being taunted by the group

But before he could make good on his drunken boast, he slipped and fell head-first into the pen and was quickly set upon by the angry beast – which began biting and stamping on him.

After begging his friends to rescue him, one jumped in and punched the donkey from behind until it let go and he was eventually able to escape.

Video footage of the vile stunt has been viewed more than a million times since it was posted on social media last week.

It shows a bearded man – named by pals in the clip as “Caleb” – announcing: “I’m about to hop into this cage with this f***ing donkey.

“I’m telling you, dude, I’ll f***ing knock this b****a** motherf***er out.”

The man falls into the pen and the donkey immediately sets upon him, biting his leg

His friends chuckle as he climbs and perches on top of the fence while one gives the animal some beer.

The hat-wearing yob asks: “What the f***, are you giving the donkey beer?” To which they laugh and reply: “Yeah.”

Sensing this is not a friendly visit, Pepper then bites the other man who cries: “Ow, motherf***er, you bit my finger.”

The group then urge Caleb to “get in” but he smirks sheepishly and says: “I don’t want to yet ’cause I’m scared.”

Moments later he falls in and before he can get back up Pepper bites his leg, making him shriek in pain.


The animal sinks its teeth in and drags him across the floor as Caleb’s friends shout “get him” but he screams back: “Dude, I can’t, he’s got me. Help me out.”

One of his friends jumps into the pen and punches the donkey repeatedly until it lets go and the two men rush towards the fence and climb to safety.

It is not known exactly when the incident happened or whether police are investigating.

But the man seemingly identified himself on social media as Caleb Dodd from Coalinga, California.

He tweeted: “Soooo I got attacked by a donkey. Thought I could rock his a** turns out I was the bigger jackass.

He also shared pictures of cuts and bruises apparently sustained in the mauling.

Viewers on social media felt he got what he deserved.

Judy Kay Newman wrote: “That’s what happens when you abuse animals. It will come back and bite you.”

Montana Vaughn said: “That’s what he gets for being a jerk. Animals are not for your amusement.”

Sharlynne Wayda commented: “Donkeys are actually added with other animals as a guardian so I’m not at all surprised he beat that a**.

“They’re lucky the owner didn’t come out and shoot them.”

Oskar Recinoz added: “I think we all know who the real jackass is.”

The furious animal continues to bite and stamp on the man
The donkey’s tormentor, named as Caleb by pals, eventually escaped
The men earlier gave the donkey beer as they teased it before it snapped

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