Who is Stanley Johnson? Boris Johnson’s father and Celebrity Gogglebox star

Who is Stanley Johnson? Boris Johnson’s father and Celebrity Gogglebox star

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STANLEY Johnson’s son Boris is leader of the Conservative Party and the UK Prime Minister.

We take a look at his colourful career in the limelight – from politician to environmentalist to charming best mate of MIC star Georgia “Toff” Toffolo. Here’s what we know.

Stanley Johnson is the patriarch to one of the most political families in the UK
Stanley Johnson is the patriarch to one of the most political families in the UK
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Who is Stanley Johnson?

Stanley Johnson was born in Penzance, Cornwall in 1940.

He is a British politician and was Conservative MEP for Wight & Hampshire East from 1979 to 1984.

As well as this, he has written dozens of books including an autobiography entitled Stanley, I Resume.

Johnson has also worked for the World Bank and the European Commission.

He and Boris famously disagreed over the issue of Brexit during the EU referendum in 2016.

While Boris was a leading figure in the campaign to quit the EU, Stanley was a passionate advocate of remaining in the EU, as was his daughter and Boris’ sister Rachel.

He described his son as “much misunderstood” in early July during an in-depth interview about his life.

The author was a Tory MEP for Wight & Hampshire East

Did he try to become an MEP?

Back in April, Stanley was rejected from becoming a Tory MEP candidate.

He admitted he “failed to catch the selectors’ eye” after trying to become an MEP again, 40 years after he first stood.

The 78-year-old said he thought he had been overlooked because of “Anno Domini” – an apparent reference to his age.

Stanley, a Conservative MEP between 1979 and 1984, told the Politics Home website that the Tories were wrong to think May’s European elections were a “waste of time and money”.

And, echoing his son’s way with words, he said it was “balderdash” for ministers to adopt a “feeble, defeatist attitude” and accept the EU’s line that the Brexit deal cannot be changed.

Although Stanley backed Remain in the referendum while his son Boris led the Leave campaign, they both oppose the “backstop” – the safety net that would keep Northern Ireland in the EU customs union if future trade deals fail.

How many children does Stanley Johnson have?

Stanley is a father-of-six who has been married twice.

With his first wife, painter Charlotte Wahl, he had: Boris, Rachel, Jo and Leo.

BoJo, 54, is known for being the former Mayor of London and former Foreign Secretary,

His brother Jo, 45, followed a similar path and is currently the MP for Orpington.

The Johnson’s two other siblings, Rachel and Leo, are equally successful.

Rachel works a writer, columnist and makes regular TV appearances, whereas Leo is a film-maker and entrepreneur.

After divorcing in the 1980s, Stanley had two further children with his wife Jennifer Kidd – Julia and Maximillian.

Stanley told The Daily Telegraph in July that his son Boris is “misunderstood”.

He defended his son’s record as Foreign Secretary and praised his son for having the ambition to want to become the Prime Minister.

Stanley with his son Jo and daughter Rachel
Stanley with his son Jo and daughter Rachel
PA:Press Association

When has Stanley Johnson starred on TV?

Stanley Johnson appeared of I’m  A Celebrity in 2017.

He was the fifth person to be eliminated from the show and came in seventh place.

During his time on the show, he grew close to Made In Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo.

Also, Stanley Johnson is appearing on the latest edition of Channel 4’s Celebrity Googlebox.

His budding friendship got him a cameo in Made In Chelsea for the first episode of series 15 in March 2018.

He appeared alongside Georgia Toffolo and fans affectionately nicknamed the duo Stoff.

The pair also starred in Celebrity Gogglebox which is one of many shows to snap up the unlikely pairing.

In July, Stanley was on the run as he took part in TV show Celebrity Hunted.

And Stanley’s mission was uncovered when he was spotted sporting a backpack by holidaymakers staying at the Stansted Airport Novotel.

Stanley is a dad-of-six, and his kids are just as successful as him

Stanley regularly throws himself into environmental projects and visits areas of conservation
Scott Hornby – The Sun

What are Stanley Johnson’s other interests?

Stanley focuses his time on environmental and population issues, co-chairing meetings for Environmentalists for Europe (E4E).

He was previously the Head of Prevention of Pollution Division at the European Commission.

His work in this field has led to him received numerous accolades, including the RSPCA’s Richard Martin Award for Outstanding Services to animal welfare and Greenpeace’s for Outstanding Services to the Environment.

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