Who is Boris Johnson’s mum Charlotte Johnson Wahl? The new Prime Minister’s mother and British artist

Who is Boris Johnson’s mum Charlotte Johnson Wahl? The new Prime Minister’s mother and British artist

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ARTIST Charlotte Johnson Wahl is a well-respected painter with a host of celeb clients – as well as Boris Johnson’s mum.

Here’s everything you need to know about her, from whether she too is a Tory and when she had Boris…

Charlotte says Boris is a ‘very kind man’
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Who is Charlotte Johnson Wahl?

Charlotte Johnson Wahl was born in Oxford in 1942.

She is the daughter of Sir James Fawcett, who was the president of the European Comission for Human Rights, Charlotte describes her parents as “rich socialists.”

Charlotte met Boris’s dad, Stanley Johnson, at Oxford University where she studied English.

At the time, aged 18, she was already engaged to another student named Wynford Hicks whom she describes as “extraordinarily beautiful to look at but actually quite boring.”

Together the pair had four children, Boris, Rachel, Jo and Leo – Charlotte sat her final university exams after inter-collating to elope to the US with her then husband.

She describes how, when she sat her final exam, she was already pregnant with Rachel and Boris was “in the pram outside the exam hall”.

Boris, 55, is known for being the former Mayor of London and former Foreign Secretary and is the current Prime Minister.

His brother Jo, 46, followed a similar path and is currently the MP for Orpington.

The Johnson’s two other siblings, Rachel and Leo, are equally successful.

Rachel works as a writer and columnist and makes regular TV appearances, whereas Leo is a film-maker and entrepreneur.

Charlotte Johnson Wahl suffers from Parkinson’s disease but underwent an operation that helps her with her “shakes”.

What does Charlotte Johnson Wahl say about Boris?

Charlotte Johnson Wahl said that her son is “a very kind man, very fair,” although she does say that being PM sounds like a “ghastly job”.

She also says that he isn’t as “daft” as he seems, describing his public persona as “shambolic”.

Before Boris was elected, she said of his ambitions for the top: “I worry about what the hell he’s going to do next. He is interested in the leadership of the Conservative Party, but he could equally well retire and become a painter.

“He’s a very good painter. If he reaches the top, I’d feel very proud, but very anxious. It’s a ghastly job being Prime Minister.”

Of her two eldest children, Rachel said in an interview with Tatler: “Rachel is not the tough person she seems to be.

“She really minds about things and can become terribly upset and Boris is so soft-hearted.”

Who is Charlotte Johnson Wahl’s husband?

In 1963 Charlotte married Stanley Johnson in a ceremony in Marylebone but their marriage broke down in 1979 and the couple divorced.

In 1988 she married American academic Nick Wahl but he sadly died in 1996 after a long battle with cancer.

What is Charlotte Johnson Wahl’s job?

Charlotte Johnson Wahl is a successful and well renowned painter.

Charlotte mainly specialises in painting portraits, and her clientele include Crispin Tickell, Joanna Lumley, Jilly Cooper, and Simon Jenkins, but also paints landscapes which have been described as echoing the Vorticist style.

When Boris was appointed Mayor of London in 2008 he commissioned his mother to paint a city-scape of London – the view from his office.

In 2016, Mall galleries in London hosted a major retrospective of her work, and another will be held again in November of this year.

Is Charlotte Johnson Wahl a Tory?

Boris’s mum says despite marrying a Tory and having four Tory children she has never voted conservative.

She claims that she is “very left” and describes her parents as “socialist”.

Charlotte does like Jeremy Corbyn and says that seeing him in politics now reminds her of the politics when she was  young.

“It’s back to the politics that I remember when I was young. I recognise what he’s on about,” she said.

“But I think he ought to do away with his beard – makes him look a bit like an old wizard.”

Charlotte Johnson Wahl is a successful painter
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