The 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup has led to a surge of job opportunities for women in football

The 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup has led to a surge of job opportunities for women in football

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SCORE with a job in women’s football.

The 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup has led to a surge in new fans but is also netting more job opportunities for women in the beautiful game.

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Amy Merricks is assistant manager of the Brighton & Hove Albion ladies’ first team[/caption]

With the Premier League worth £7.6billion to the UK economy and grassroots football contributing a further £10billion, the women’s game is a potential employment powerhouse.

The number of pro and semi-pro female players in Europe almost doubled, to 3,600, between 2013 and 2017, and many more jobs are opening up to women in management, fitness and various support roles.

Ahead of tomorrow’s  2019-20 Barclays FA Women’s Super League kick-off, new research shows a third of us now claim to be fans of ladies’ football and seven in ten believe it deserves the same profile as the men’s game. Now the Football Association and Barclays have pledged to pump over £10million into transforming the game over three years.

The cash will be used to make football accessible to all schoolgirls by 2024.

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The 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup has led to a surge in new fans but is also netting more job opportunities for women in the beautiful game[/caption]

Tom Corbett, Barclays Global Head of Sponsorship and Media, says: “The professional women’s game is gaining momentum.

“Big money is being invested in the FA Women’s Super League. So clubs will get prize money for the first time and be able to channel the rewards of their success on the pitch into new jobs, including more professional coaches.”

Former England ladies’ captain Kelly Smith says: “A few years ago, men’s football defined the women’s game — but not any longer.”

Amy’s on the ball

AT just 26, Amy Merricks is assistant manager of the Brighton & Hove Albion ladies’ first team. She joined the club after coaching in America.

Amy, from Kent, said: “It makes me feel proud – and  motivated to continue changing the perception of women in sport. I’m driven to deliver as a female in a male-dominated sport,  and to build a pathway for other women.

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Amy Merricks, in blue, joined Brighton Brighton & Hove Albion ladies’ first team as assistant manager after coaching in America[/caption]

“We must strive for equality, as we are not there yet, but we have come a long way and it looks to be heading in the right direction.

“I hope the growth of women’s sport allows organisations and clubs to look for the best person for the job instead of considering gender.

“If you want to get into football work, volunteer to shadow people at work for as many hours as you can. There is nothing better than hands-on experience.

“Be prepared for a tough ride at times and be motivated by setbacks – there were times when I was the only female on courses, but you have to put yourself at the forefront, embrace every moment and be confident in your ability.”

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How to pep up a dull CV

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Top tips to make your CV come to life[/caption]

YOUNG jobseekers are missing out because their CVs are too BORING.

Lorna Davidson, at recruitment company, warns: “Lacklustre CVs can be a huge disadvantage – but more and more young people are beginning to realise  employers are not looking only for job qualifications, but  work experience too.”

Her top tips for job applications  include:

WORK AT IT: Loads of  A-grades and Duke of Edinburgh awards are great but  you may also need other things if you want to stand out. Do some temporary work  –  anything from an admin job, to being a mystery shopper or working at a festival.

TAKE A HARD LOOK AT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA:  Think about removing potentially embarrassing photos, such as ones of you looking drunk or pouting beside the pool on holiday.

DRESS TO IMPRESS AT INTERVIEW: Look like you are aiming for the job above the one you are going for. It will help you to be taken seriously.

DO RESEARCH: There is not always great guidance from schools and colleges on writing CVs or getting jobs – so look into it yourself.

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A JOB AND  CAREER: Show you recognise that getting ahead may mean going the extra mile, be that working longer hours or answering emails out of hours.


POSH pudding maker Pots & Co is recruiting a freelance taster – you would get £15 an hour for scoffing sweet treats at home.

The company makes desserts such as salted caramel & chocolate ganache for supermarkets and needs a taster for the next three months.

A spokesman said: “Do you decide your pudding before your main because it’s the most important course of the day? If you’re a sweet-tooth, we want you to be our official taster.”

Apply at

Job Spot

HAIRDRESSER chain Saks has jobs for stylists and beauticians around the country. See for more information.

Can-do attitude

COCA-COLA has 30 apprenticeships up for grabs, in roles including sales, engineering and business administration.

Candidates must be 16 years of age, or older, and need at least foundation-level   GCSE maths and English.


Coca-Cola has 30 apprenticeships up for grabs[/caption]

The various schemes last from 13 months for the customer services practitioner programme up, to four years for engineering.

Coca-Cola sales boss  An Vermeulen said: “We are committed to nurturing young talent and equipping them with skills for the future that will allow them to grow throughout their career.”

Candidates should apply  by December 31,  at

Job Spot

SELCO is looking for more than 50 new recruits nationwide. Roles include van drivers, yard supervisors and trade managers. Apply now at

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