Savoy doorman kicks homeless man’s face and stamps on his head with both feet at £500-a-night London hotel

Savoy doorman kicks homeless man’s face and stamps on his head with both feet at £500-a-night London hotel

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SHOCKING footage appears to show a security guard at London’s famous Savoy Hotel kicking and punching a homeless man before stamping on him as he cowers on the floor.

The suited guard at the five-star hotel is filmed questioning then punching the victim in the face and upper body before hurling him to the floor.

The security guard is seen hitting the homeless man outside The Savoy Hotel
He continues his sickening assault and hurls the man to the floor outside the iconic hotel
Shocking footage shows a security guard appear to hit a homeless man
Getty – Contributor

He continues to rain brutal blows down on the man as he curls up on the ground outside the landmark £500-a-night establishment on The Strand.

Doormen wearing coat tails and a top hat at the luxury hotel watch on as the bald security guard strikes the man in a sickening assault on December 30 last year.

The guard – who is wearing a dark suit and tie – then begins booting the dishevelled man, who is wearing a winter jacket with fluorescent stripes and a woolly hat.

He then begins striking him in the face again.


As the attack continues, a doorman outside the Savoy move towards the guard and appears to plead with him to stop.

But the security guard continues with his sustained assault, launching himself into the air and stamping with both feet on the man’s upper body as he cowers on the floor.

He continues punching the victim as he curls up on the floor
The guard begins kicking his victim on the floor as the attack continues

The doorman in the top hat recoils  in horror after watching the horrific moment, turning away from the pummelling.

Two onlookers, one with two dogs, come forward and seem to remonstrate with the guard, who finally stops hitting the man.

Christmas decorations cover the entrance of The Savoy, which is one of London’s most iconic hotels.

A spokesman for the Savoy Hotel told MailOnline the bald attacker hitting the other man was not a member of the Savoy staff.

The spokesman said the hotel had not been aware of the incident previously and that the unnamed guard was employed by a third-party security contractor.

Sun Online has contacted The Savoy Hotel for comment.

A doorman in a top hat and tails appears to plead with the man to halt his brutal beating
But he then launches himself into the air and stamps on the man as he lays on the floor
The sickening assault took place outside the iconic hotel on December 30 last year
Getty – Contributor
The Savoy Hotel is on London’s glamorous street The Strand

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