Piers Morgan backs gender neutral uniform protests at his former school after 150 kids locked out for refusing to wear it

Piers Morgan backs gender neutral uniform protests at his former school after 150 kids locked out for refusing to wear it

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PIERS Morgan has backed student protesters after they were locked out of school for disobeying a new general neutral uniform.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, who was a pupil at the Priory School in East Sussex, called the decision “bloody ridiculous”.

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Piers called the new rule ridiculous and that girls should be able to be girls and boys able to be boys[/caption]

Police have been called to Priory School this morning as it has now been shut down
These students appear to wear the new uniform, but hold a placard which reads ‘#choice’


This male student wears the old grey uniform skirt in solidarity with his peers[/caption]

Parents and pupils protest at Priory School gates against the new gender neutral uniform policy

Sussex Police were pictured “acting like bouncers” at the scene appearing to calm crowded students down at Priory School in Lewes this morning.

Piers tweeted: “Speaking as a former Priory student, I’d like to state that this is absolutely bloody ridiculous, and the protesting parents and students have my full support.

“This whole gender neutral craze is out of control.

“Let girls be girls and boys be boys.”

The rule for all students to wear trousers was first rolled out in 2017 after “concerns” were raised over the length of skirts and to cater for transgender pupils.

This whole gender neutral craze is out of control. Let girls be girls and boys be boys.

Piers Morgan

At the time, only new students were required to wear the new uniform which barred girls from wearing skirts.

But just before the summer holidays, the secondary school forced all pupils to wear the neutral outfit on the first day back, or they will be sent home.

Today, around 150 students, with their parents, swarmed the entrance in their old uniform, as they refuse to fork out for another pricey get up.

One eyewitness told Mail Online: “It was like they [the police] were bouncers – they waved some through and stopped others.”

Pictures from the entrance, show female pupils wearing the old grey skirts which are inches above their knees.

Many held placards as they protested, with one saying: “£100 for 1 uniform for 9 months is not sustainable!”


Another reads: “Fast fashion is the second biggest contributor to climate change.”

Other messages said “Bring back the skirt” and “We are not buying it”.

The new uniform requires all students to wear grey formal suit-like trousers, a shirt and a jumper.

A member of staff was filmed shutting the gate on students, before pupils screamed and cheered.

Many parents received text messages from the school asking them to explain their child’s “unauthorised absence”.

The executive headteacher Richard Taylor tweeted: “Any excuse to be offended….” in response to the video.

Local MP Maria Caulfield said she was “very disturbed” to see pupils being turned away.
Tim Loughton MP, who attended Priory School as a child, said it was “political correctness gone mad again”.

Hours later, locals reported seeing a group of at least 50 girls still roaming local streets with placards in their hands.

Cressida Murray, who helped organise the protest alongside her daughter Libby, said the school’s reaction was “outrageous”.

She said: “They just weren’t prepared and they haven’t let anyone in.

“I was hoping there was so many people that they would see sense and let them in.”

She said many families cannot afford to buy the uniform, some of whom will need it for less than a year.

A parent holds her child’s uniform with a message blasting the waste of old clothes
Some students call their parents in an apparent bid to describe the standoff
Police were called after the girls were turned away on their first day back

One parent told The Argus: “The arrogance is unbelievable.

“I asked whether the uniform is more important than my son’s education and they wouldn’t answer.”

Another parent of a year 11 pupil, who did not want to be named, said: “This is not about the uniforms being gender neutral.

“This is about children and parents complaining about having to buy completely new uniforms for only a few terms.

“It is not a good situation especially as it is my daughter’s final year of school and it’s really disruptive.”

The head teacher at Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, has said pupils in the old uniform will be sent home
The head teacher at Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, has said pupils in the old uniform will be sent home


A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “Police attended Mountfield Road, Lewes on Friday morning (September 6) where a group of around 100 adults and children were protesting.

“Officers engaged with the protesters and they left the area shortly after. There were no offences reported.”

A parent added: “The school made the decision to do this right at the end of term without any time left for us to sort something out – so it’s a bit like Brexit.”

Parents say they have been in discussions with the school about the possibility of a compromise.

A spokesman for the Priory School said: “Our uniform is designed to be a practical uniform which encourages students to be ready to focus on their school work and activities.

“Our uniform also helps us to dilute the status placed on expensive clothes or labels and challenge the belief that we are defined by what we wear.

“There are at least 40 other schools which have a similar uniform requirement.

“Our core purpose remains the quality of teaching and learning and we aim to achieve this by maximising the time spent on planning, delivering and evaluating the quality of provision.”

This protest comes a day after a school forced pupils to cut bows from their laces or they will face isolation.

Parents have objected to being forced to fork out for a new uniform for just a few terms
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