Mum of Louise Porton says she’s disowned her ‘monster’ daughter who killed kids to make time for sex work

Mum of Louise Porton says she’s disowned her ‘monster’ daughter who killed kids to make time for sex work

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THE mum of child killer Louise Porton has disowned her “monster” daughter.

Sharon Pretty, 48, feels guilty after evil escort Porton, 23, murdered her own two children for getting in the way of her sex work.

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Sharon Pretty, 48, says she has now disowned her child killer daughter Louise Porton[/caption]

Louise Porton was jailed for murdering her two children

BPM Media

Scarlett Vaughan (left) and Lexi Draper (right) were killed by their mum[/caption]

Porton was caged for life last month after she suffocated Lexi Draper, three, in January last year before killing 16-month-old Scarlett Vaughan two weeks later.

During her trial, gurors heard how Porton killed her children because they “got in the way of doing what she wanted, when she wanted and with who she wanted”.

Grieving gran Sharon said she was once close to Porton, but hadn’t seen her daughter for a year before the tots were killed.

Sharon told Take A Break Magazine: “She isn’t my daughter, she’s a monster.”


She raged that Porton had robbed daughters Lexi and Scarlett of their lives and denied her the chance to see them grow up.

Sharon said: “She and her sister had their whole lives ahead of them and Louise took that away for her own evil, selfish reasons. Their own mum.

“I had no idea what was going on and I feel so guilty that I couldn’t do more to protect my granddaughters.”

Sharon said that after Louise cut her out of her life, she heard Lexi had died in January last year in a phone call from her son, Carl.

She said: “My legs buckled under me and I collapsed to the floor, screaming. Lexi was just three. How could she be dead.”

My legs buckled under me and I collapsed to the floor, screaming. Lexi was just three. How could she be dead

Sharon Pretty

Sharon said she tried to contact Porton, but she refused to answer her calls.

Then just days later Porton called Sharon to tell her Scarlett was also dead.

She explained: “This time it was Louise. She said ‘Mum, Scarlett’s dead’. At first I thought I’d misheard. I thought she meant Lexi. But she said it again.”

Porton told her that the little girl had suffered heart failure.

Sharon added: “She didn’t sound upset. It was as though she was telling me what she’d had for tea. I thought it must be the shock.


“First Lexi and now, just two weeks later, her little sister. I needed answers.”

But she revealed her daughter once more cut her off and a month later she discovered that the police were treating the girls’ deaths as suspicions.

Porton was later charged with two counts of murder.
Sharon said when Porton appeared in court for the murder trial in July she couldn’t bring herself to attend the hearing.

She added: “I followed the trial in the news. But I wasn’t prepared for what I heard. I just wish Louise had spoken to me.

“If she’d told me she didn’t want the girls, I would have happily taken them in. I would have done anything for them.

“Instead, they are gone forever, and I will live the rest of my life with heartbreak and regret.”

Caters News Agency

Louise branded her daughter ‘evil’[/caption]

Porton worked under the name “Lollypop” on website PurplePort
Lexi is seen in her final moments on harrowing CCTV
Porton fills up her car as Scarlett lays dying in the back

BPM Media

The youngsters were  killed within 18 days of each other[/caption]

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