Moment cheerleader ‘who murdered her own baby’ denies killing newborn and weeps as she describes giving birth on toilet

Moment cheerleader ‘who murdered her own baby’ denies killing newborn and weeps as she describes giving birth on toilet

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THIS is the moment a cheerleader accused of bludgeoning her baby to death and burying it in the garden breaks down as she’s confronted by cops. 

Footage shows 17-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson weep as she describes giving birth on the toilet – before telling police: “I didn’t kill my baby!”

Police footage shows Brooke Skylar Richardson breaking down in tears as she insists she didn’t murder her newborn baby

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The former cheerleader claimed she had a stillbirth on the toilet in May 2017[/caption]

It was played on the second day of Richardson’s murder trial in Lebanon, Ohio, on Thursday.

Richardson, now 20, is accused of killing the newborn – a girl she named Annabelle – on May 7, 2017, before burying the body in the garden.

The police interview video shows nervous Richardson shifting in her seat throughout the 90-minute interrogation in July that year.

She claimed she had a still birth while she sat on the toilet and told detectives she was terrified to tell her parents.

I never meant to kill my baby I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t

Brooke Skylar RichardsonAlleged baby murderer

Richardson told cops: “I had the baby. It was in my bathroom. I was on the toilet… that’s when I had the baby.

“I could feel it and something needed to come out, I could feel it.

“It just came out, it wasn’t breathing, it didn’t make any noises. I tried to [catch her]… she went in [the toilet].

“I kind of caught her by the head a little bit. I never hurt her.”

She added: “I put her in my arms, I stayed there with for a while with her to see if she would wake up and then I had to bury her… am I going to be in trouble for that?”


Claiming there was no umbilical chord attached to the baby for her to cut, she added that she was “bleeding so much”.

Richardson said she then decided to bury the baby in her back garden – using a shovel from her garage to dig a “little hole”.

Doctors alerted police when still-pregnant Richardson asked for birth control pills – which can harm an unborn baby.

Richardson later pleaded: “I never meant to kill my baby I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t.”

Richardson was filmed breaking down in tears as she was confronted over the death of her baby
Richardson’s parents were seen comforting the teenager, before her mum flew into a rage

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Richardson has denied bludgeoning her newborn baby with a rock[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

The 20-year-old claims her baby was stillborn and she panicked and buried the body[/caption]


Her father asked her why she had lied to them and also who the baby’s dad was – to which Richardson replied: “Trey, that guy I dated.”

Trey Johnson appeared on the stand on Wednesday – where he revealed that Richardson never told him she was pregnant.

Richardson asked her parents if they still loved her, which they said they did, but her father added: “You have to be patient with us.

“They’re over there digging up our backyard for something we did not know was there.”


Richardson’s mum then rages: “Skylar you’re not coming home with us. It makes me sick.

“That big old bag of popcorn you had, you’ll never finish.”

She later added: “I thought I had the perfect life. This is too much for me.”

On Wednesday, the trial heard how Richardson text her mum that she was “speechless” and “happy” that her belly was back hours after the alleged murder.

Jurors were told the message, which read: “I’m literally speachless with how happy am.

“I am literally so excited now just for dinner to wear something cute yayyyy my belly is back and now I’m takin(sic) this opportunity to make it amazing.”

She was also said to have visited the gym hours after giving birth and took a selfie in the mirror that showed off her stomach.


Richardson text her mum and said she was ‘happy’ to have her ‘belly back’ just hours after the alleged murder[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Richardson attending the court hearing with her father, Scott Richardson[/caption]

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The former cheerleader was arrested in July 2017 after docs raised the alarm about her request for birth control pills while still pregnant[/caption]

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