Girl, 5, dies suddenly after hole in diaphragm goes undetected and symptoms are mistaken for sickness bug

Girl, 5, dies suddenly after hole in diaphragm goes undetected and symptoms are mistaken for sickness bug

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A TRAGIC five-year-old died suddenly from an undetected condition after doctors mistook her symptoms for a bug.

Little Esma Guzel passed away on her way to hospital from Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) – a hole to the diaphragm.

Esma Guzel passed away suddenly from an undetected condition
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The fatal condition is usually picked up before or after birth during scans and requires surgery to fix it.

Her heartbroken family have now paid tribute to the energetic youngster, who loved swimming and gymnastics and spending time her siblings in Hull.

Mum Kerry Guzel told Hull Daily Mail: “This has happened and it will never go away and will die with us. The spark of life she made has gone. We lived for our family and family things.

“At the minute, I can’t bear to take a picture without her. What gets me is that we were so happy and lived for the kids and loved our life.”


The day before she died, Esma had “bounced of school smiling” but later complained of “feeling sick” and vomited while at her nan’s house.

Her sick later went a “brown colour” – a sign of an underlying medical condition – and Esme was left exhausted.

On May 10, her condition still hadn’t improved so her family took her to the GP, who diagnosed a sickness big.

But the youngster deteriorated and was still sick, so her worried parents phoned 101, who advised them to take Esma to an out-of-hours service.

What is Congenital diaphragmatic hernia?

Diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a hole in the diaphragm that results in the intestines (and sometimes the stomach) entering the chest cavity preventing lung growth.

It is a rare condition and occurs in about 1 in 2000 babies and happens at about the third month of pregnancy.

CDH is diagnosed by seeing the stomach and some of the intestines in the chest area on the ultrasound scan before birth and can cause other abnormalities.

It is a serious condition – but 85 per cent of those diagnosed antenatally may die before or after delivery, but of those with no other abnormalities, approximately 50 per cent survive.

Most babies with CDH will have breathing difficulties at birth and require surgery once their lungs are strong enough after receiving intensive care.

In severe cases, this may not be successful and the baby may die within hours.

After surgery, a child may not suffer any long-term effects but some can have chronic lung problems and will regularly end up attending hospital with respiratory problems.

Tragically, Esma died before reaching the centre. Kerry said: “[Dad] Erkan took her in the car to hospital, carried her in and she never made it. She had already passed away.”

Kerry is now searching for answers and says CDH was never picked up in the three pregnancy scans she had.

The mum-of-three added: “Esma was fit as a fiddle and always went swimming and to gymnastics and was always so energetic.

“When you Google it, you just see poorly children and babies, nothing like her.

“She deteriorated so quickly and we just need the answers.”

Kerry is now trying to raise awareness of the condition and is being supported by charity CDH UK.

She said: “We want people to know about it, because if we had known about it we would have looked out and taken her to the hospital straight away.

“We want people to look out for the signs.”

Mum Kerry has paid tribute to the youngster
MEN Media
Esma was suffering from Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)
MEN Media
Her dad had rushed her to an out-of-hours clinic but she died on the way
MEN Media
Esma had been looking forward to a summer holiday with her family
MEN Media
Her parents are now trying to raise awareness of the condition
MEN Media

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