Emmerdale viewers fear Robert Sugden will get a longer prison sentence after he attacks Al Chapman over pregnant Victoria jibe

Emmerdale viewers fear Robert Sugden will get a longer prison sentence after he attacks Al Chapman over pregnant Victoria jibe

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EMMERDALE viewers fear Robert Sugden will get years added to his prison sentence after he drunkenly lashed out at Al Chapman in tonight’s episode.

Having already been rejected by Al when he declined his offer to import a car from France for him, Robert sulkily returned to the scrapyard where Victoria found him chugging cans of beer.

Robert attacked Al and risked adding years to his sentence

His mood was made worse when Kim Tate and Al antagonistically trespassed on their property.

When Vic told them to leave, Al said: “You’re that lass that Billy was trying to help, aren’t you?

“You need to work on your people skills.”

Robert rose to his feet threateningly, while Victoria suggested she’d call the police if they returned uninvited again.

Aaron rushed in to drag Al away from Robert
Robert tried attacking him again

Kim coolly said: “She’s feisty, I quite like her though. I heard she went out with Ellis (Al’s son) for a while. Just think, you could have ended up related.”

Al, unaware that Victoria is carrying her rapist Lee Posner’s baby, replied: “Yeah well, thank God for small mercies. As long as that kid she’s expecting isn’t his.”

Robert rugby tackled him to the ground as Aaron Dingle sprinted in to split up the fight.

As he got up, Robert screamed: “She was raped. Is that funny enough for you?

Kim and Victoria watched on with different reactions

“In her own home by someone who seemed like he was alright.”

An apologetic Kim and Al left before any more damage could be done.

Aaron fumed at Robert: “Stop being so selfish. You could end up getting years added on. And that’s without whatever the stunt is you’re trying to pull.”

And viewers agreed.

One wrote on Twitter: “Robert shouldn’t be Kung fu fighting making things worse #Emmerdale @emmerdale”

Another said: “Robert 🤦🏽 #Emmerdale

Robert has pleaded guilty to brutally attacking Lee after discovering he raped his sister.

His family and friends are terrified he is going to do something stupid before going back before the court.

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