Eight Emmerdale spoilers for next week from Mandy’s dramatic return to Jessie’s illicit kiss

Eight Emmerdale spoilers for next week from Mandy’s dramatic return to Jessie’s illicit kiss

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THERE’S Dingle drama all the way when Mandy catches Jessie snogging her ex, but has she got bigger things on her mind?

What are her and Vinny hiding? Here’s what’s coming up on Emmerdale. 

Mandy Dingle returns to the village

1) Mandy returns – with Vinny and their secret

Mandy returns with a bang next week, shocking Jessie and Al by catching them mid-kiss. She makes her opinions about what she’s seen very clear, but will she tell Marlon?

Or could Mandy have something else on her mind as she and Vinny are still hiding something from the rest of the Dingle clan.

2) Jessie cheats on Marlon

Billy warns Marlon not to trust Al with Jessie and his advice is pretty on the money. Jessie and Al reminisce about old times and Al moves in for a kiss.

Later, back at home, Al attempts another kiss which Jessie reciprocates. But she’s left stunned when the door burst open…

Jessie cheats on Marlon

3) Mandy catches Jessie cheating on Marlon

Jessie recoils in horror as Mandy bursts in and catches her in a compromising position with Al.

What will Mandy do with the knowledge that Jessie has cheated on Marlon? Could this be the end of Jessie and Marlon’s marriage?

4) Al makes Jessie an offer she can’t refuse

Jessie is not enjoying the after-school club as the kids all run rings round her. Her interest is piqued when Al mentions he knows of a head teacher job going in Dubai.

Jessie is stunned when Al reveals he’s already set up a phone interview for her. He wastes no time in ‘accidentally’ letting it slip to Marlon that Jessie is thinking about a career in the Middle East.

5) Tracy holds Dawn prisoner

Grieving Tracy becomes convinced that Dawn knows more about the fire than she’s letting on after overhearing a conversation between her and Will. Jumping to conclusion, Tracy locks Dawn in the church and demands answers.

Eventually Vanessa arrives and diffuses the situation, taking a distraught Tracy home where she collapses in tears in her arms.

6) Eric catches Doug out

Eric joins Charity in her bid to get drugs out of the village for good. As Charity ups the campaign, Doug is riddled with guilt and suspicion.

But later, while he’s enjoying a sneaky spliff, Doug’s caught red-handed by Pollard. What will Eric do?

7) Moira’s conscience gets the better of her

Mucky Moira and Nate struggle to get any alone time together, but Moira seems to be having second thoughts about their affair anyway.

Is she about to call the whole thing off?

8) Rishi is a man with a plan

Rishi reveals his new business masterplan – that he’ll rebuild his empire from scratch – but what will his family think?

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