EastEnders fans slam Walford police for blunders leaving Hunter’s gun with him and letting Phil walk into a hostage situation

EastEnders fans slam Walford police for blunders leaving Hunter’s gun with him and letting Phil walk into a hostage situation

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EASTENDERS fans have slammed the soap’s police for a catalogue of errors in handing Hunter Owen’s siege.

The soap police made multiple blunders in tonight’s episode by letting Phil Mitchell casually walk into a siege situation via the back door with a crow bar.

Phil managed to walk into the Vic with his crow bar despite armed police surrounding the Square

Phil, desperate to get to his son and daughter in the pub, had Keanu fetch him a crow bar from the Arches.

And while police surrounded the Square, they still managed to leave the back door entrance to the pub wide open so Phil could just walk in with his improvised weapon.

Even after when Hunter walked out into the Square with a pregnant Louise Mitchell at gun point, the police still managed to make more mistakes.

As the teen killer shot Keanu Taylor and began to turn the gun on Louise, the armed response unit shot him dead where he stood.

Phil walked in and made everything worse
The police even ignored the gun to let Mel walk up to Hunter and start cuddling him
The police failed to secure the gun or even check Hunter was actually dead before moving about their business

But instead of moving in and securing the weapon, the police left it in full view as his mum Mel walked to the body to cradle him.

Normally the police would move immediately in to a downed shooter and make the weapon safe and remove it from the public.

But the soap police have never been the greatest officers and viewers noticed.

One wrote: “Phil Mitchell just Bowles in round the back whilst armed police are useless outside 🤣🤣 #Eastenders”

A second said: “#EastEnders I see the place is surrounded.Phil easily slips in through a side door.”

Another added: “Because in a firearm situation the police wouldn’t worry about securing the rear of the building, mainly in case Phil Mitchell randomly turns up with a crowbar 🙄 #Eastenders”

A fourth commented: “Can’t believe police didn’t pick up gun or check hunter. Pathetic again#EastEnders”

Another said: “What a stupid ending to Eastenders. Will the police leave a grieving mother cuddle her dead son? Stand back and do nothing? Not securing the scene? Where is the gun? Really? Absurd ending! @BBCTV @bbceastenders #EastEnders”

A sixth added: “#Eastenders was kinda bulls*** tonight why wasn’t armed police blocking the exits when Phil got on? And why didn’t they take the gun when they shot Hunter ? Just let Mel run over to it.”

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