EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell left in a coma after horror shooting

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell left in a coma after horror shooting

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BEN Mitchell will be fighting for his life next week in EastEnders – in a coma after being shot by Hunter Owen.

The Mitchell bad boy – who is played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soap – had his life saved by nurse Sonia Fowler after the mad killer shot him in the melee of the siege.

Ben will be left fighting for his life in a coma

But next week things look touch and go as Ben fights for his life in hospital with his family around him with Hunter already dead.

Evil Hunter Owen – who is played by actor Charlie Winter in the BBC soap – was killed by police after shooting Ben Mitchell and Keanu Taylor and trying to murder Louise.

The teen killer shot Ben at the end of last night’s episode causing his lungs to collapse in the middle fo the Queen Vic without medical attention.

Nurse Sonia Fowler managed to improvise with a knife and a biro to re inflate Ben’s lung as his devastated dad Phil begged her to save him.

Phil is terrified for his son’s life
Hunter was shot dead by police after trying to murder Ben Mitchell, Louise and Keanu Taylor

But he faced a horrifying choice when Hunter took Louise hostage and Phil had to choose between staying with a dying Ben and saving Louise.

Hunter dragged pregnant Louise outside with the gun to her bump to the assembled police and demanded to be given a way out.

He shot Ben through the chest at the start of the episode
Sonia Fowler had to battle to save Ben’s life with a knife and a biro
Hunter took Louise hostage in an attempt to escape

The petulant would be killer said: “I’m done talking, let me through or I’ll kill her – she’s pregnant. Put your guns down or she dies.”

However when Keanu saw what he was doing he charged at Hunter and found himself shot by the teenager.

Hunter then threw Louise to the ground and aimed the gun at her but before he could pull the trigger the police shot him dead in front of his mum Mel.

A screaming Louise shoved Hunter’s body off her and ran to Keanu while Phil burst out of the Vic and screamed for an ambulance for Ben.

With nowhere left to run Hunter shot Keanu in front of a terrified Louise
Keanu fell down after being shot through the arm
Louise cradled Keanu after the police shot Hunter dead before he turned the gun on her

Meanwhile Mel walked over to her son’s body and cradled him.

“It’s OK, mummy’s here, mummy’s got you,” she sobbed as the action-packed week of episodes came to an end.

Fans were in shock at the scenes with three shootings and an stomach-churning emergency surgery in the Vic.

Mel cradled her dead son in her arms and sobbed

One wrote: “I’m literally shaking #EastEnders”

A second said: “That was too tense I’m shaking #EastEnders”

Another added: “I’ve not been this invested in a episode since Christmas wtf is going on #eastenders”

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