Alex Vega shot – Floyd Mayweather and Usain Bolt’s celeb car pimper ambushed by masked assassin on his Miami driveway

Alex Vega shot – Floyd Mayweather and Usain Bolt’s celeb car pimper ambushed by masked assassin on his Miami driveway

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CAR pimper to the stars Alex Vega was in a stable condition last night after being shot by a hitman on the driveway of his Miami home.

Vega, 45, has styled flash motors for celebs including sprint legend Usain Bolt, boxer Floyd Mayweather and singer Marc Anthony, ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez.

A masked hitman guns down a famous car pimper to the stars outside his home
Alex Vega, right, with Floyd Mayweather after selling him a customised motor

Shocking footage shows the moment of the ambush, with the masked gunman hiding behind a parked car as Vega pulls up in his black Range Rover.

As his victim’s vehicle pulls in to his garage, the attacker – wearing a black hoodie, black shorts and gloves – springs into action.

He runs up to the driver’s side and fires several times before turning and sprinting away.

Vega was shot twice in the back, Miami Dade Police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said.


He told CBS Miami: “It was just a straight up ‘walk up to the car and let me try to kill this individual’.”

The shooting happened on Tuesday last week but details have only just emerged, and cops have not revealed a motive.

Police are appealing for information as they desperately try to identify and arrest the “dangerous” hitman.

Vega – who had his own TV show on the Discovery network called The Auto Firm with Alex Vega – was rushed to hospital where his condition was last reported as “stable”.

The attacker breaks cover and runs towards his target, gun drawn
He fires repeatedly into the driver’s side of the car before turning and fleeing

More than 80 sports stars and a string of other celebrities have had motors customised at the victim’s design workshop in Miami.

David Beckham, who is launching Major League Soccer team Inter Miami, has also spoken to him about possibly creating a car for him.

But when sprint legend Bolt called about having a Jeep Wrangler restyled to reflect his Jamaican heritage, Vega didn’t realise who he was.

Vega told Sun Online: “Usain called us and came here. It was a Jeep Wrangler and we pretty much redid the entire car.

“We made it black with yellow and green to match the Jamaican flag. He called and the funny thing is when he called I really didn’t know who it was.

“I went to one of my sales guys and say, who’s the guy with the jeep spending $45,000 (£37,000). He replies it’s Usain Bolt.

“I say, ‘oh, does he play football, basketball?’ So the guy looks at me and says, ‘are you crazy? He’s the fastest man in the world!’”

Vega with Usain Bolt after customising a car for the sprint legend
He pimped out the Jamaica-themed car for the sportsman

Floyd Mayweather, who won world titles in five weight classes, had TWO of Vega’s pumped Jeeps– after losing one in a fire in the desert.

Vega told Sun Online: “His team contacted me and said Floyd has been seeing a lot of Avorza Jeeps and he really loves the concept and wants to see what you have in stock to buy one.

“I said I usually buy new ones and make them for people. He comes in, falls in love with one we have here.

“Floyd takes the Jeep for three weeks and he was transporting six cars from Miami to Vegas – two Bentleys, a Bugatti, two Rolls-Royces and one was the Jeep.

“The truck was in Arizona and smoke was coming out of the truck. The fire starts spreading to the back where the cars are. Every truck is burned out.

“First thing he does is call me and say I want another Avorza Jeep. And when he came a second time I had a brand new Jeep that had been untouched.

“He says I want to use crocodile leather for the seats, colours red yellow and black, he wanted TMT (The Money Team) all over it. He wanted it lifted, he wanted a slanted roof. We changed the whole truck. It was $100,000 (£81,000).”

Vega started The Auto Firm with wife Amy. The couple also have sons Alex Jnr and Adriel working with them.

Vega and Mayweather together in his Miami workshop
Mayweather’s second jeep, after the first one was destroyed in a fire

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