Why have Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds adopted a puppy and what is it called?

Why have Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds adopted a puppy and what is it called?

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BORIS Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds have welcomed their new adopted Jack Russell puppy into Downing Street.

The 15-week-old pup was saved by the pair from sick dog traders after he was abandoned by a Welsh farmer. Here’s everything we know about the new pet pooch.


The puppy wore a rosette as he explored his new home in the heart of London[/caption]

Who is Dilyn?

Dilyn is a 15-week-old pooch adopted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

The Jack Russell-cross pup was cast away by his ruthless breeder for having an undershot and misaligned jaw – meaning he couldn’t be sold.

The puppy was rescued by Eileen Jones of the volunteer group Friends of Animals Wales – which rehabilitates sick and discarded animals.

The dog, who faced near-certain death after being abandoned by a Welsh farmer, moved into No10 Downing Street on September 2, 2019.

Carrie Symonds cuddling her new puppy Dilyn after he arrived at Downing Street

Why did Boris and Carrie get a dog?

The couple love animals and Carrie is a well-known dog lover.

Boris is also a fan, having met many dogs on the campaign trail to become PM.

He was seen being licked on the nose by an incredibly friendly pup in the final days before he entered No10.

The decision to welcome the new pup into their home comes as Boris and Ms Symonds hope to raise awareness for strict new anti-puppy farming legislation.

Boris Johnson being licked by a pooch on his campaign trail
Boris Johnson being licked by a pooch on his campaign trail
Andrew Parsons

Known as Lucy’s Law, the clampdown will come into force in April 2020 and targets third-party puppy sellers who breed dogs often in brutal conditions.

Lucy’s Law is named after tragic pet Lucy – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who died of her injuries just three years after being rescued from a terrible puppy farm.

PA:Press Association

The little pup arrived at his new home this morning[/caption]

The new legislation – backed by celebs Ricky Gervais, Rachel Riley and Brian May – will make it illegal for a puppy or kitten to be sold without seeing it interacting with its mother in the place where it was born.

PupAid founder Marc Abraham, who helped spearhead the legislation, said last night: “I’m absolutely delighted that the Prime Minister and Carrie have chosen to rescue a puppy, which will hugely help to highlight Lucy’s Law.’

Staff have even offered to take the new pup on walks

He added: “Eileen is an absolute hero who has racked up massive vets’ bills picking up these poorly puppies and breeding dogs.

“I hope this encourages others to adopt and donate to her work.”

The Jack Russell puppy adopted by Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds
The Jack Russell puppy adopted by Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds

Will the new pup fit in at No10?

Downing Street’s current furry resident, territorial Larry the Cat, is regularly spotted on the steps of No10, prowling the street outside, or basking in the sunshine in front of the cameras.

But unlike Larry, the No10 cat, Dilyn will belong to Boris and Ms Symonds rather than whoever occupies Downing Street.

AP:Associated Press

Children visiting Downing Street pet Larry the No10 Cat[/caption]

And he will be trained to get along with chief mouser Larry – who is famously territorial.

Staff have offered to take the pup on walks after voting overwhelmingly in favour of getting a dog when polled by the PM.

What has Boris and Carrie said about their new pet?

Carrie tweeted: “Thanks to the wonderful Eileen from @FOAWales who rescued Dilyn after she got a tip off that he was to be dumped by a puppy dealer because he was born with a crooked jaw.

“Eileen fixed his little jaw & saved his life.

“She is a hero.”

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “The PM has always been a passionate supporter of animal welfare and believes in giving animals the best start in life.”

Meanwhile the other flatmate of the new pup, Larry the Cat shared a picture of Dilyn arriving in Downing Street tweeting: “Confirmation that Downing Street is going to the dogs…”

Why have they chosen Dilyn as a name?

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds chose to name their new pup Dilyn in a likely nod to where he was saved.

The 15-week-old Jack Russell-cross was found before a puppy dealer was about to dump him in Wales – as he was born with a crooked jaw.

The word Dilyn in Welsh means to follow or succeed.

This could be a reference to the young pup’s rags to riches story, or a show of Boris’ confidence in his role as Prime Minister…

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