Who is shot in EastEnders? A Walford resident’s life hangs in the balance after Hunter Owen pulls the trigger

Who is shot in EastEnders? A Walford resident’s life hangs in the balance after Hunter Owen pulls the trigger

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HUNTER Owen will let rip in EastEnders tonight, causing at least one Walford resident to lose their life. But who?

Hunter’s revenge on Jack Branning is set to take a devastating twist as the armed teen was seen breaking into the barrel store of the Queen Vic earlier this week.

EastEnders villain Hunter Owen claims the life of one resident of Walford but who is it?

An EastEnders trailer released by the BBC soap shows that Hunter, played by Charlie Winter, will give Linda Carter a fright before holding a pub full of people hostage.

We know that someone will lose their life in a deadly shoot-out. Here’s the most likely candidates…

1. Ben Mitchell 

Could Ben Mitchell be Hunter’s victim?

Ben’s been at the centre of the drama since he returned to Walford in April and, with everyone rooting for his relationship with Callum Highway to blossom into something beautiful, it would be tragic soap irony for him to die.

Having said that, it’s unlikely that Enders bosses would have brought him back to kill him off.

2. Louise Mitchell

Could Louise Mitchell be Hunter’s victim?

It would be a very risky move to kill off a pregnant character in an armed siege like this, particularly one of the Mitchell clan, but no one is safe.

Hunter and Louise have a complicated history with the killer taking her virginity on camera just to wind up her dad, Phil. But would Hunter stoop this low?

3. Mick Carter

Could Mick Carter be Hunter’s victim?

In the trailer, Hunter is seen marching Mick around at gunpoint which has led to speculation that the lovable landlord either gets shot or has a heart attack.

4. Callum Highway

Could Callum Highway be Hunter’s victim?

It would be devastating for Callum to be shot after finally coming to terms with his sexuality.

And it would be super cruel of EastEnders to take another one of Ben’s lovers away after Paul Coker was brutally murdered.

5. Whitney Dean

Could Whitney Dean be Hunter’s victim?

There’s been speculation that Whitney might be the one to die in the shoot out after walking out on Callum at the altar and with Bianca back for an “explosive” storyline, maybe Whit will die.

6. Keegan Baker

Could Keegan Baker be Hunter’s victim?

Keegan is seen screaming, “he’s got a gun” in the trailer and we’ve already seen Hunter swipe his jacket.

Could this have been a foreboding sign that Keegan could be the victim?

7. Mel Owen

Could Hunter's mum Mel Owen be shot by him in EastEnders?
Could Hunter’s mum Mel Owen be his victim?

It’s well documented that actress Tamzin Outhwaite is leaving EastEnders so it’s not impossible that Hunter could shoot his own mum as his plan for revenge backfires.

Tamzin said of leaving the show: ““I will of course miss so many people here at EastEnders, and I will forever have good memories of my time at the show, but I am also excited to experience new roles outside of Walford.”

Tamzin originally joined the soap in 1998.


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