White supremacist ‘Muslim Slayer’ who sent fake poison to the Queen with note saying ‘Clowns are coming for you’ is jailed

White supremacist ‘Muslim Slayer’ who sent fake poison to the Queen with note saying ‘Clowns are coming for you’ is jailed

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A SELF-styled “Muslim Slayer” who sent fake poison to the Queen with a chilling note saying “The Clowns R Coming 4 You” has been caged for 12 years.

David Parnham, 36, sparked a huge security alert after also posting similar letters containing white powder then-PM Theresa May, two bishops and the Home Office.

The sick letter has been posted to Muslim families in East London today
This letter was sent to families by Parnham

The two-year race hate campaign also saw the yob admit the idea of murdering ethnic minorities “turns me on” as he targeted Asian members of Parliament and mosques in a poison-pen campaign.

In his letters to the Queen and former Prime Minister Theresa May, white supremacist Parnham wrote “The clowns R coming 4 you”.

His note to the Palace saw members of the Royal Household worried for their health and the wellbeing of their colleagues.

Parnham also wrote to US white supremacist killer Dylann Roof, telling him he had “opened my eyes” with his murder spree.

The vile letters to Roof, who shot nine black parishioners dead in Charleston, South Carolina, also said of Muslims: “I hate these animals with a passion”.


Parnham has today been sentenced to 12 years and six months to be served in hospital until he is well enough to be transferred to prison.

He previously pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to 15 offences relating to hundreds of letters penned between June 2016 and June 2018.

Among these are encouraging murder, making hoaxes involving noxious substances and bombs, sending letters with intent to cause distress, and encouraging offences.

Parnham was responsible for a “sustained campaign of hate” – including causing widespread fear through a sick “Punish A Muslim Day” plan.

He offered “awards” for the assassination of leading Islamic figures as well as attacks on mosques and offered to make a donation of £100 to charity for each death.

Titles on the hate letters included “The Great Cleanse” and “Bang! You’re dead”.

Another series – called the “Jigsaw”- included a picture of a Swastika and person being decapitated, with the phrase “blood will be spilled”.

At a sentencing hearing today, a psychiatrist revealed Parnham did not regret what he had done and did not consider it “particularly serious”.

Parnham, of Lincoln, was caught through DNA, handwriting and fingerprints on the letters – including those sent to Roof.

Parnham wrote to Dylann Roof, who murdered nine worshippers at a Charleston church in a 2015 racist killing spree
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