Millennials are willing to fork out an extra £1,000 to create the perfect Instagrammable holiday

Millennials are willing to fork out an extra £1,000 to create the perfect Instagrammable holiday

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A study into the nation’s travel habits by M&S Bank, suggests the hashtag holiday generation are prepared to fork out an extra £1,075 per trip, in a bid to create the perfect Instagrammable break.

In fact, as many as a quarter of millennials admit to choosing destinations solely based on how attractive the resulting pictures will be, compared to just one in twenty (6 percent) of the over-50s surveyed.

A quarter of millennials choose their holiday based on how attractive the pictures will be
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A quarter of millennials choose their holiday based on how attractive the pictures will be[/caption]

And keeping up with the online Jones’s comes at a price, as one in ten (9 percent) have forked out on business class flights, while a further eleven percent want a boutique hotel and as many as EIGHT percent would not book a holiday unless it was close to a Michelin-star restaurant.

In fact, the study of 2,000 Brits of all ages, uncovered a list of 30 Instagrammable holiday ‘must haves’, for millennials, including gyms (11 percent), local artisan delicacies (18 percent), yoga retreats (eight percent) and trendy, booze free drink options (12 percent).

White expansive sandy beaches (35 percent), perfect sunsets (32 percent) and beautiful historic ruins (22 percent) also made the list, as did crystal clear waters (30 percent).

Temples (16 percent) and volcanoes (14 percent) also made the list, along with balconies with sea views (32 percent), palm trees (26 percent) and bustling street markets (16 percent).

While on their vacation, millennials will spend a whopping two hours a day on their own social posts, taking shots and videos, as well as editing and posting.

The research also found that the average millennial will spend a staggering three hours a day in the run up to booking a holiday looking for travel inspiration on social channels.


30 percent of millennials look to travel bloggers for holiday ideas and 17 percent research using location tags on Instagram. 13 percent take inspiration from celebs, while 12 percent say reality TV helps them decide where to go on their next trip.

When it comes to the social media platforms that are the most useful for holiday research and inspiration for young Brits, Facebook is still king (48 percent), followed closely by Instagram (42 percent). YouTube inspires 36 percent of millennials, Twitter 20 percent, and Pinterest 17 percent.

Liam O’Hara, Head of Network and Bureaux, M&S Bank, said: “Our research has confirmed that social media is having an undeniable impact on how we plan, budget and experience our holidays today, from where we go, to what we do when we get there, the ‘hashtag holiday’ is more prevalent than ever before.

“That’s why it’s even more important for Brits to do their research when purchasing travel money and shop around for a provider that offers competitive exchange rates and the convenience of collecting their currency at a bureau, or store, close to them, or when finishing any last-minute holiday shopping. By planning and avoiding airport exchange rates, Brits can help ensure they get the most out of their holiday money this summer.”

The study also uncovered a list of the most Instagrammable holiday destinations, according to Brits, with New York coming up trumps with 39 percent of the vote.

Also high on the list were the Bahamas (29 percent), the Maldives (29 percent), and Paris (26 percent). Closer to home, Wales (11 percent) beat off Helsinki (8 percent), Lisbon (7 percent) and Lake Tahoe (7 percent) to be named in the top 20 destinations.

30 things millennials demand from a holiday

  1. Beautiful scenery – 37 per cent
  2. A white sandy beach – 35 per cent
  3. Balcony with a sea view – 32 per cent
  4. The perfect sunset – 32 per cent
  5. Crystal clear waters – 30 per cent
  6. Palm trees – 26 per cent
  7. Good cocktails – 26 per cent
  8. Iconic landmarks – 25 per cent
  9. Exotic marine life – 24 per cent
  10. Historic ruins – 22 per cent
  11. An infinity pool – 21 per cent
  12. A vibrant local culture – 21 per cent
  13. A coral reef – 19 per cent
  14. Local artisan delicacies – 18 per cent
  15. Glamorous bars – 18 per cent
  16. A spa – 17 per cent
  17. Temples – 16 per cent
  18. Bustling street markets – 16 per cent
  19. A hammock – 14 per cent
  20. Volcanos – 14 per cent
  21. A clifftop – 13 per cent
  22. Mocktails/healthy booze free drink options – 12 per cent
  23. An extreme experience (e.g. bungee jump) – 12 per cent
  24. A boutique hotel (no chains) – 11 per cent
  25. A gym – 11 per cent
  26. Great seafood – 11 per cent
  27. Designer shops/boutiques – 10 per cent
  28. A business class flight – 9 per cent
  29. Michelin star restaurants – 8 per cent
  30. A yoga retreat – 8 per cent

The study found that almost a quarter of millennial Brits (22 percent) say they keep their Instagram stories up to date throughout their holidays, with 30 percent confessing they spend hours each evening of their vacation editing and posting the best pics of the day.

Yet, worryingly, 23 percent of millennials admit they never consider the security implications of posting holiday shots while they are away.

The data revealed that more than HALF (53 percent) of millennials admit to trying to emulate an aspirational lifestyle on social media (compared to just 20 percent of over-50s).

White sandy beaches are one of the top things demanded by millennials
Getty – Contributor

White sandy beaches are one of the top things demanded by millennials[/caption]

Yoga retreats are also a popular choice
Getty – Contributor

Yoga retreats are also a popular choice[/caption]

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