‘Humiliated’ schoolgirl excluded from class because her M&S trousers were ‘too short’

‘Humiliated’ schoolgirl excluded from class because her M&S trousers were ‘too short’

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A FURIOUS dad has blasted a school for putting his daughter in isolation for an entire day because they claim her trousers were too SHORT.

The Year 11 pupil was separated from her classmates at George Spencer Academy in Nottinghamshire under strict new uniform rules which require pupil’s trousers to touch the top of their shoes.

The girl’s furious dad blasted the school for their actions

Her furious dad, named only as Graham says the experience upset his daughter as she was placed in a room with 15 other pupils who had been excluded from class that day.

He says the new rule is “too harsh”.

Graham says his daughter’s trousers were slightly shorter than usual because she had simply worn the same pair as last year, and if anyone should get the blame it should be him.

“They were a plain, simple pair of black Marks & Spencer school trousers,” he told the BBC. “They weren’t fashion. They weren’t ankle grabbers.

“I think she had just slightly outgrown the trousers and they were just a little bit off the top of the shoe. That was enough for her to be singled out and put in isolation for the entirety of Tuesday.”


He added: “I accept rules should be abided by [sic], but the sanctions and punishment have to be appropriate.

“The blame shouldn’t be on the child, it should be with the parents, so why punish the child?”

Shocked parents slammed the school on Facebook, branding the rule “draconian.”

One dad commented: “As a parent myself, I feel that this is totally out of order, and way too draconian.

“Sure uniform is good,however this has gone way too far. And all for a pair of trousers slightly too short.

“A simple note home to the parents reminding them of school policy, would have been a better reaction then to isolate a child for a full day.

“A child is NOT responsible for the uniform a parent is,. lets not forget children grow over the year.

“I personally feel you have gone to far. It’s shocking…”

Another dad replied: “Agree with the above.

“What part of learning is affected by a trouser leg not touching the top of a shoe? Disgusting.”

The academy said its new uniform policy states trousers should be a plain style and cover ankles and socks.

A spokesperson said the school would be happy to discuss the matter further with the girl’s father.

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