Hollyoaks fans beg serial killer Breda to stop saying the word ‘lickle’

Hollyoaks fans beg serial killer Breda to stop saying the word ‘lickle’

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HOLLYOAKS serial killer Breda McQueen might be the most deadly murderer in the show’s history – but the thing scaring most fans is that she won’t stop saying the word “lickle”.

Breda, played by Moya Brady, has been killing her way through the village, targeting those she believes to be “useless, reprobate dads”.

Fans were devastated when they believed Tony Hutchinson was murdered after 25 years on the soap
Channel 4

The latest victim is series veteran Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard).

Fans believed the character, who has appeared in the soap for 25 years, was dead until Monday night’s episode, where it’s revealed Breda has been keeping him in a pigsty.

However, it wasn’t this revelation that was terrifying fans, but her pronunciation of the word “little”.

As she stares into the pigsty, the killer says: “How’s my lickle miracle today?”

Fans thought the character had been left for dead by the killer

This isn’t the first or last time the character has said “lickle” and it’s starting to grate on fans, who are venting about the creepy word on social media.

One fan wrote: “The Breda story on Hollyoaks needs to stop, I think if I hear her say ‘lickle kiddies’ one more time I will actually scream.”

Another added: “How can everyone trust Breda so easily?? She’s a grown up but she says the word ‘lickle’ fgs!”

Some are completely done with the whole storyline, saying: “Breda storyline gone on to long, getting boring, also when she says lickle instead of little, like fingernails down a chalkboard!”

Tony sees his son Harry – who he doesn’t know is dead – as he loses consciousness
Channel 4

While saying “lickle” is one of her worst crimes, Breda has managed to rack up eight confirmed kills in the village.

In January, she held Louis Loveday (Karl Collins) in the same pigsty she is currently keeping Tony, before bludgeoning him to death.

Fans are worried Tony will be finished off and suffer the same fate as his other victims. Especially as Breda convinced his partner, Diane O’Connor (Alex Fletcher) that Tony was having an affair with another woman in order to explain his absence.

Among the other kills are Russ Owen (Stuart Manning), Mac Nightingale (David Easter) and Tony’s son Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool).

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