Furious parents to protest at school gates after headteacher vowed to send home pupils not wearing gender neutral uniform

Furious parents to protest at school gates after headteacher vowed to send home pupils not wearing gender neutral uniform

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FURIOUS parents are planning a school gates protest tomorrow over a new gender neutral uniform.

The head teacher has warned that pupils would be sent home if they are not wearing the neutral new get up on the first day of school.

Furious parents are planning a protest at the school gates tomorrow after being forced to buy a new gender neutral uniform

Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, forced all pupils to wear trousers in 2017 after “concerns” were raised over the length of skirts and to cater for transgender pupils.

At the time, the school said only new students would be required to wear the new uniform which barred girls from wearing skirts.

But shortly before this year’s summer holidays the school ordered all students, not just newcomers, will be required to wear the “gender neutral” uniform.

The school has warned parents that children still wearing the old uniform will be sent home from the first day of school tomorrow.

But furious parents of year 11 pupils branded the situation “pointless and silly” and said they will send their children in wearing the old uniform anyway.

One parent of a year 11 pupil, who did not want to be named, said: “This is not about the uniforms being gender neutral.

“This is about children and parents complaining about having to buy completely new uniforms for only a few terms.

“It is not a good situation especially as it is my daughter’s final year of school and it’s really disruptive.”

There are thought to be about 20 year 11 pupils who will wear the old uniforms.


Parents say they plan to protest at the school.

The parent added: “The school made the decision to do this right at the end of term without any time left for us to sort something out – so it’s a bit like Brexit.”

Parents say they have been in discussions with the school about the possibility of a compromise.

And one parent said they were offered money towards the cost of the new uniform.

A spokesman for the Priory School said: “Our uniform is designed to be a practical uniform which encourages students to be ready to focus on their school work and activities.

“Our uniform also helps us to dilute the status placed on expensive clothes or labels and challenge the belief that we are defined by what we wear.

“There are at least 40 other schools which have a similar uniform requirement.

“Our core purpose remains the quality of teaching and learning and we aim to achieve this by maximising the time spent on planning, delivering and evaluating the quality of provision.”

The news comes as millions of children, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, gear up for the first day of term.

Other schools in the country have also faced a backlash over new uniform restrictions.

The head teacher at Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, has said pupils in the old uniform will be sent home
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Parents have objected to being forced to fork out for a new uniform for just a few terms
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