Emmerdale viewers convinced Nate is Cain Dingle’s secret love child

Emmerdale viewers convinced Nate is Cain Dingle’s secret love child

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EMMERDALE fans are convinced they’ve solved the mystery behind Nate and why he seems to hate Cain Dingle – Nate is Cain’s love child.

From the moment hunky farmhand Nate was introduced into the soap, his identity and motivations have been a mystery. But eagle-eyed fans have spotted a few things that point to who he really is.

Nate has been causing trouble in the village

Nate (Jurell Carter) had his hands full in the farm recently after being in a relationship with Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and also having an affair with his married boss, Moira (Natalie J Robb), the wife of Cain (Jeff Hordley).

However, things came to an end when Kerry (Laura Norton) caught him red-handed with Moira. After a confrontation, Nate agrees to keep quiet about her involvement in the fire that killed Frank as long as he breaks up with Amy.

Breaking up with Amy made Moira nervous that Nate thought their fling was getting serious, so she calls their romance off.

Angry that there’s a bump in his master plan, Nate vents to Charity: “Sometimes some people don’t realise how hard I can make things for them, and right now there’s not much stopping me.”

Cain is a bit of a villain and the bad boy of the village
Are there ulterior motives to Nate’s affair with Moira?

But what exactly does Nate have on other people and what is his plan? According to some fans, he’s doing all this to spite Cain, because Nate is Cain’s love child.

Emmerdale fan Rina Hanson posted her theory on twitter: “My theory is that Cain had sex with Nate’s mum when he was already in the village, off camera. Cain fathered Debbie at age 14, so I’m guessing that Nate is younger than Debbie.

“Cain would always disappear.”

She added: “I think that ED are giving us clues as to Nate’s identify. No fear. Caravan. Similar car. Similar eyebrows. Temperament. Classic Cain rude quotes ie ‘How about a pint of mind your own business’ Nate to Charity last night. Cain has said that in’t past.”

Another person agreed, saying: “Debbie is older than Nate. What your thoughts are I’m way ahead of you. Nate is Cains son and is setting out to destroy his marriage because he has no one in his life as he was in care and now it’s payback time and he doesn’t care who gets hurt. As he’s been emotionally battered.”

Whether it’s a secret vendetta or Nate really is Cain’s secret son, it looks like things are going to come to blows very soon.

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