‘Caring’ man, 37, accidentally strangled himself in sex game gone wrong, inquest hears

‘Caring’ man, 37, accidentally strangled himself in sex game gone wrong, inquest hears

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A 37-year-old man died after accidentally strangling himself in a sex act gone wrong, an inquest has heard.

Philip Walker was discovered hanged on a bed at his home in Goole, East Yorkshire, by his devastated mum on March 5 this year.

Philip Walker, 37, was found hanged on his bed at his home in Cheviot Avenue, in Goole (pictured)

Ambulance arrived at the scene to find Mr Walker’s naked body with a ligature around his neck and a chastity box locked around his genitals, the Hull Daily Mail reported.

Members of Mr Walker’s family searched his room a few days after his death and found a number of sex toys, a CD case full of pornographic material and several bottles of empty lubricant.

A Fifty Shades of Grey board game was also found, as well as a book containing pornographic writings and drawings Mr Walker had created depicting bondage.

Mr Walker’s family said he “never talked about his sexual interests” and the discovery had “come as a surprise”.

They added that there were no indications he intended to take his own life.


Coroner Rosemary Baxter concluded Mr Walker died from auto erotic asphyxiation.

She said his death was a tragic accident.

Ms Baxter said: “He died due to hanging by a ligature tied around his neck.

“For me to conclude that Mr Walker’s death was suicide I have to be satisfied to the appropriate standard of proof that he took his own life and intended to do so. On this occasion, I am not so satisfied.

“I find that Mr Walker showed no suicidal intentions prior to his death or reported to be depressed.

“I find that on the balance of probabilities, this death came about as the result of a tragic accident.

“I find that Mr Walker was indulging in erotic satisfaction and unfortunately then suffered from auto erotic asphyxiation which killed him.”

Paying tribute Mr Walker’s younger brother said: “Phil was popular at school and he attended De Montfort University to do performing arts.

“He had a life-long obsession with Lego and had a great love for comedy and stand-up.

“He was supportive, caring and always built up everyone’s spirits when they became low. He loved and adored his niece.

“Phil was like a best mate. He was more than just a brother and he will be missed by all. For a little guy, he had a large personality.”

The inquest at Hull Coroner’s Court heard how Mr Walker accidentally strangled himself in a sex act gone wrong
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