Anneka Rice confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing – but how old is she, when was Challenge Anneka on TV and why’s her bum so famous?

Anneka Rice confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing – but how old is she, when was Challenge Anneka on TV and why’s her bum so famous?

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ANNEKA Rice is known and loved by many, thanks to her presenting role on Treasure Hunt but now her latest challenge is the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor.

As she switches the boiler suit for ball gowns, here’s everything you need to know about the TV presenter who has been a household name since the ’80s…

Anneka Rice
Anneka Rice is swapping her iconic boiler suit for the Stricly Come Dancing ball gowns

What has Anneka Rice said about Strictly Come Dancing?

The Challenge Anneka star, 60, was announced on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2.

Speaking about being the last to be announced, Anneka Rice said: “Oh the stress of being the last person. Even though it’s been in the papers for weeks, because I haven’t told anyone, not even my family.”

In her official statement for the show, she admitted : “I haven’t danced since I was seven and Miss Beer sent me home from my ballet class because I was hopelessly uncoordinated.

“My family and friends haven’t seen me dance since, not at a wedding or round a handbag so it’s going to be a challenge for my partner.  In fact I’ve asked for two, one on each side. I can’t see myself in a long frilly dress either.”

She added: “But I’m feeling recklessly excited. Strictly has always been my Autumn entertainment and now I’m part of it! My children will probably leave the country.”

How much is Anneka Rice getting paid for Strictly?

Anneka’s appearance on the show will definitely increase her bank balance as she gets the standard £25,000 payment for signing up.

If she manages to stay on the dance floor until the end of October this then rises to £40,000.

Any star that makes it to the quarter-finals sees their fee jump to £60,000 – and if she wins she will pocket a whopping £100,000.

Anneka Rice is a well-known TV presenter
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What is Anneka Rice’s background?

Anneka Rice, 60, is a Welsh television and radio presenter.

In 1982 she landed her first major TV job as the jump-suited presenter of Channel 4’s Treasure Hunt.

The show proved one of Channel 4’s most popular programmes and saw Anneka as the skyrunner looking for clues, which were being solved by two contestants in the studio.

In 1986 she won Rear of the Year – this was due to the camera constantly being focused on her bottom as she was filmed running around trying to locate the treasure.

She shot to fame on Treasure Hunt
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What other TV shows has Anneka Rice been in?

After the success of her energetic show Treasure Hunt, she was given another similar series.

Anneka came up with the show Challenge Anneka in which she had to solve tasks within a certain time.

This ran from 1989 to 1995 on the BBC.

She has also appeared on Celebrity Mastermind, Hell’s Kitchen and Come Dine With me and Celebrity Hunted.

Who is Anneka Rice’s partner Simon Bell?

Anneka has been in a relationship with writer Simon Bell, 58, since 2005.

He is a close friend of screenwriter Richard Curtis with whom he wrote the comedy book Who’s Had Who.

Simon also wrote the 1991 novel Blood Money and has contributed to Sunday newspapers.

Anneka is back on TV in Celebrity Hunted
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Has Anneka Rice ever been married?

Anneka was previously married to theatre boss Nick Allott.

The couple have two sons, Thomas 24, and Joshua, 22.

They split in 1992 after she had an affair with TV executive Tom Gutteridge.

Anneka had a third son with Tom but they split six months after he was born in 1997.

When does Strictly Come Dancing 2019 start?

Strictly Come Dancing is returning for its 17th series on BBC One this September.

On Friday, 23, July, it was revealed via a social post on the Strictly account that the official Strictly start date will be Saturday, September 7, 2019.

The news was accompanied by a short trailer which showed the professional dancers posing in glitzy outfits and trying to out perform each other.

It kicked off with the red carpet launch on Monday, August 26, 2019.

There after the main show will air live on Saturday evenings with the results the following day on Sundays.

You can get the FULL celebrity line-up here.

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