Alfie Lamb’s gran ‘will never forgive’ her daughter over the three-year-old’s car crush death as she is due to be released from jail ‘in weeks’

Alfie Lamb’s gran ‘will never forgive’ her daughter over the three-year-old’s car crush death as she is due to be released from jail ‘in weeks’

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THE heartbroken gran of toddler Alfie Lamb has said she will “never forgive” her daughter over the three-year-old’s death – as she is set to be released from jail in a “few weeks”.

Adrian Hoare, 24, was found guilty of child cruelty and jailed for two years and nine months in May. Her partner, Stephen Waterson, 26, crushed Alfie by ramming him with a car seat as a punishment for crying.

Janis Templeton-Hoare said she will never forgive her daughter but will stand by her when she is released from prison
Ian Scammell/Triangle News
Alfie Lamb died in the footwell of Stephen Waterson’s Audi convertible while his mum was in the car
Ian Scammell/Triangle News

Waterson then exploited his powerful parents – notably his adoptive dad, ex Tory MP Nigel – to try to make himself untouchable.

Until yesterday, Waterson had denied killing Alfie. Then as he was about to face a retrial he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He will be sentenced on Monday.

Speaking of her daughter’s time in prison Alfie’s gran, Janis Templeton-Hoare, said: “She only has a few more weeks now. She is due for release on October 11.

“Being in prison has changed her life a hell of a lot. I think she will think twice about going into relationships. She’s not going to jump in with both feet, headfirst.

“I will stand by her. At the end of the day she’s my daughter and I still love her.

“I’ve turned round to her and I’ve said it to her I will never forgive her for what she has taken away from me, but she’s still my daughter and I want to be there for her and try and help her as much as I can”.


After Waterson finally pleaded guilty to manslaughter, Ms Templeton-Hoare said she hopes he “rots in jail”.

She said: “I want him to get life in jail for killing my grandson, but I know that won’t happen so I hope he gets as long as possible.

“It just proves how evil a person he really is that it’s taken him this long to finally admit it.

“Why did he make out he had so much time for Alfie, but then he can turn and hurt him in the blink of an eye?

“He should have admitted to it months ago rather than let everybody stew.

“We all knew he was guilty. He is one evil, nasty person.

“I hope he rots in prison. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”


Alfie died after he was put in the footwell of an Audi A4 behind front seat passenger Waterson.

When he sobbed at the lack of space, the killer said: “I’m not being told what to do by a three-year-old.”

He then pushed his seat back again in a “fit of childish temper”, the Old Bailey was told.

Hoare left him in the footwell as she drove back to her flat in Croydon, South London.

The couple then realised there was something wrong with Alfie and Waterson tried to revive him. He called emergency services but pretended he had just been driving by.

Alfie went into cardiac arrest and his life support was turned off three days later. A pathologist found the boy died from crush injuries more typically seen in road accidents.

Police said it was the first death in the UK by crush asphyxiation from an electronic car seat.

Waterson bullied witnesses into lying about the events of February last year. But Hoare’s sister taped a conversation about the conspiracy and handed it to police.

The Ministry of Justice refused to comment when asked about Hoare’s release date.

Stephen Waterson admitted manslaughter yesterday
Alfie had been in the footwell of the car
Press Association Images

Focus Features

The court heard how Alfie was crushed to death as punishment for being too noisy[/caption]

Alfie was three-years-old when he died, crushed in an Audi
Alfie was three when he was crushed to death in the Audi
PA:Press Association
Hoare was jailed for two years and nine months – her mum said she is due for release in a few weeks’ time

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