Mum, 44, reveals she and her daughter, 24, are mistaken for SISTERS and go clubbing together

Mum, 44, reveals she and her daughter, 24, are mistaken for SISTERS and go clubbing together

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A MUM and daughter with a 20 year age gap claim they get mistaken for SISTERS and go clubbing together “all the time.”

Holly Barry, 24 and mum Jo, 44, get told they look like each other constantly – and love it.

Holly Barry

The mum and daughter went to Marbella together, and spent the trip partying like teenagers[/caption]

Holly Barry

Holly and Jo love the compliments on their similar looks[/caption]

“I love it,’ says Holly. ‘It’s nice to see what I will most likely look like in 20 years time and she’s so beautiful, it’s a huge compliment.”

“People always comment on how good she looks for her age and how nice it is to have a young mum, so I hope I age just as well.”

Jo added: “I love looking like my beautiful daughter, it’s a real compliment.”

I go clubbing with mum as often as I do with my friends

Holly Barry

Mum-of-three Jo hates to act her age and often joins Holly out clubbing.

“I go clubbing with mum as often as I do with my friends,” said Holly.

“My main group of girls are based in Worcester so when I come home we often tie in a night my mum is out, or she will come and join in with us.”

“We also went to Marbella for my hen do in May where there were 12 of us in total and mum was the only “older” person. She absolutely loved it. We loved having her there and she definitely just slots in as one of the girls.”

She added: “It doesn’t feel like going away with your mum.

“We went to a pool party at Sisu and we all just let our hair down, it really was the best time.”

And Holly says she doesn’t find men chatting her mum up weird – in fact she encourages Jo to make the most of her gorgeous looks.

“I find it really flattering,” said Holly.

“I’m her biggest cheerleader. It’s usually men of a similar age but there have been younger guys that have showed a keen interest and have said how much they find mum attractive.

“It’s so nice to know that she gets that regularly when she’s out and it’s one of the biggest compliments for her too as she works hard to look good.”

Holly, who works in digital PR, was first told the pair looked alike by her mother’s friend – and the comments kept on coming.


“The first time was by my mum’s friend Anne-Marie, an old school friend who had popped round to see us at our family home who said: “Don’t you just look the spitting image of your mum, doesn’t she Jo?!” she explained.

“She’d say this to my mum as if she couldn’t believe the similarities.

“Then we first started receiving comments when I was at university so I was around 17-18-years-old and it has continued ever since.”

“People always confuse us on the phone as we sound so alike and there isn’t a large difference in height either, so I do get the “I thought it was your sister” comment regularly.”

“Looks-wise, we have the same face shape,’ explained Holly. ‘That is the biggest similarity. Also, we have the same smile and definitely the same creases under the eyes when we properly smile or laugh.”

She continued: “I think because our hair is a similar length and colour this makes us look really similar as well.”

And the pair say it’s not just their looks that are alike, it’s their personalities too.

“Personality wise, we’re the same people through and through,” explained Holly.

“We are both extremely nosy – but our intentions are good and genuine!

“We are both fiery characters and have short fuses. Patience doesn’t come naturally. We are both determined and passionate people. We have the same interest in the gym and both put our heart and soul into a good run together, which mum still beats me at stamina wise.”

Jo says her secret to her youthful looks is keeping fit and staying healthy.

“‘I maintain a healthy diet having the occasional chocolate bar in the evening if I really fancy it and I’ve worked hard and, I don’t smoke.

“I think the trick is to be self-disciplined and only really have a treat if you’re really hankering for it. Otherwise, go without. Looking after your skin is key.

“I have always been a real sunworshipper but I definitely consider the consequences on my skin more now.

“Keeping up with the latest fashions helps to keep me looking young, too.”

Holly Barry

Jo says she maintains her youthful looks by keeping fit and healthy[/caption]

Holly Barry

The pair even wear each other’s clothes[/caption]

Holly Barry

Holly says she even eggs her mum on when she’s approached by men[/caption]

Holly Barry

Jo says the pair are inundated with comments on their similar looks[/caption]

Holly Barry

As well as looking alike, the mum and daughter have close personalities[/caption]

Holly Barry

Jo and Holly even hit the clubs together[/caption]

Holly Barry

Holly says when she hit 18, others really began noticing the similarities in their looks[/caption]

Holly Barry

The glam pair are super close[/caption]

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