‘Body snatcher’ riddle at Turkish resort deepens as cops investigate mysterious deaths of THREE more young female holidaymakers

‘Body snatcher’ riddle at Turkish resort deepens as cops investigate mysterious deaths of THREE more young female holidaymakers

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THE “body snatcher” riddle at a Turkish resort has deepened after cops launched a probe into a string of deaths.

Four young female tourists died while on holiday in the country – three of them in swimming pools.

Olga Desyatova, 19, died after getting into trouble snorkelling in Alanya, Turkey
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One of these cases – that of Sofya Lanshakova, 16 – involved shocking claims by her parents that her organs were harvested.

And Russia’s top criminal investigation body has now announced it is looking into the tragedies.

On Tuesday high-flying student Olga Desyatova, 19, died after getting into trouble while snorkelling at popular Sealanya Sea Park in Alanya.

She had been in a coma for 12 days following the accident in which she was dragged from a pool by other tourists.

Olga, a second year student at Moscow’s prestigious Higher School of Economics, was flown home for treatment at a top Russian hospital but tragically died.

CCTV of the pool incident has been “destroyed”, according to reports which also claimed there were no lifeguards nearby.

Sun Online has contacted the park for comment.

Sofya Lanshakova, 16, died of peritonitis, Russian doctors claimed – but Turkish medics denied this
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Also on Tuesday five-year-old Lyubov T drowned on the first day of her holiday while in the pool at her hotel in Antalya.

Her mother Anastasia said the girl was found in the water at five-star Maya World Beach Hotel Alanya – without her inflatable ring which she always used.

She said: “There were no lifeguards next to the pool.”

Her mother and grandmother were nearby but had not seen her go back onto a slide.

Sun Online has contacted the hotel for comment.

These pool deaths follow the widely-reported horrific drowning of Alisa Adamova, 12, whose arm was allegedly sucked into an underwater pumping device at a hotel pool in Bodrum.

Seven tourists wrestled her free from the device, but it took them more than 15 minutes.

Alisa Adamova, 12, died when her arm reportedly got stuck in a pool pump
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Although she started breathing again, she went into a coma and died 11 days later.

Alisa was buried on Tuesday dressed in her favourite colour.

Her grieving father Andris, 44, who led efforts to rescue the child posted a message to his daughter: “My girl, you loved the colour blue.

“You will be in a blue dress, in blue shoes.

“I’ll be in a blue shirt, your mum in a blue dress.

“There will be more than enough people in black.”


And Sofya died after taking ill with suspected appendicitis while on holiday in the Antalya province.

Russian doctors gave her cause of death as peritonitis, a condition involving the inflammation of the abdominal wall – claims which are strongly denied by hospitals where she was treated.

She died in excruciating pain and her parents later alleged she was wilfully killed to obtain and sell her organs.

The Russian authorities – who have examined her corpse – say her womb and unspecified other organs were missing from her remains, it was reported.

But these claims were also denied by Turkish medics who treated her.

With Alisa a criminal case will examine whether there was “provision of services that do not meet safety requirements”.

Investigators will also check the causes of death of both Olga and Lyubov T.

And a criminal case was opened for Sofya into “causing death through negligence due to improper performance by a person of his professional duties”.

Sofya allegedly had her uterus and other organs removed
East2west News
Sofya’s parents claim she was killed deliberately to harvest her organs
East2west News
Olga died after spending 12 days in a coma after the incident
East2west News

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